If you have been wondering why the first, second and third……. gun was made, then we are probably pondering on unlocking the same mystery, one thing we can assure ourselves of is: the gun was never made for unarmed students, If the gun has anything to do with students, it could be students at one of the numerous millitary academies across the continent.

Someone somewhere should know something, you do not shoot at unarmed students especially those who represent a cause for their underpaid madams and sirs.

Iam sure when those who acquired the guns are put to task so they can give us a little explanation.They are things they is something we might be come to understand. The first thing could be guns came with some sort of operation manual, which probably read ” do not use on unarmed students “.

If the guns never came with any operation manuals then the sharpshooters should be reminded of something called conscience, it is that imaginary whisper that tells you to pull the trigger when an enemy comes, the same whisper of goodwill tells you not to pull the trigger when students armed with blue ball point pens and cheap pencils come your way.

Thanks to their meagre salaries, teachers have become the laughing stock of town.

They have not courted symapthy from their students either, ask any student, becoming a mwalimu is not in any of his or her future plans.

The question is who will teach our grandchildren? if such problems persist

First of all any student knows the fate of his/ her teacher when he/ she finally retires.

You see teachers here retire at sixty-five without pension, besides the monthly salary, which some of the teachers I have talked to, call “peanuts” does not come on time.

If it does come then as a teacher you could have counted three months of borrowing salt from the next door neighbour who coincedentally dropped out of school.

Compared to him, you are convinced he is better than you, he makes that amount of money in a week that you make in six months, no wonder you will be borrowing salt till you are sixty five, after retirement you will move to that small village where you will boast of being a former teacher, you will tell no one that you borrowed salt from a school dropout who ownwed three grocery shops.

Let ‘s get back to our issue, you should be reminded that as a teacher you will not receive all you are entitled to get but just a single month of your paymasters choice, thanks to constant problems our teachers are never on ques to get paid but maybe on ques to give complaints to whoever will attend to them.

Thanks to our economy we do not have hyperinflation were currency loses value every other minute.

If we had hyperinflation as a disease in our economy, the teachers should have been receiving rotten peanuts that are not edible at all.

Now we have this issue of police who shoot at unarmed students, let alone students armed with pens, pencils and maybe books, aulthough the pen is mightier han the sword it does not release bullets but harmless ink that can only be smeared on paper.

Shooting at students who express dissatisfaction with the way their teachers are treated.

Yes some lady somewhere lost an eye in one of these shootings, its not Sharpville were talking about, it happened here.

Whose fault was it, the students went to the streets and its that which we refer to as freedom of expression or if this was a bad thing to do we should call it freedom of being undisciplined then we can accuse the students of being silly.

I ask again whose fault was it those who shot at the student, no they were keeping law and order.

Guns came in handy and bullets came trickling out of the barrel, maybe the barrel was inaccurate so the bullet hit the wrong target and somebody lost their eye.

We need to save as much bullets as we can, especially when the so called cattle raiders are wreaking havoc somewhere.

Wasting one bullet on an unarmed lady, Southern Sudan is losing its citizens to cattle rustlers somewhere, I have found use for these ambitious but idle men with guns, we ought to send to the hotspots zealous men like them who really want to shoot and have nothing to shoot at, other than innocent students.


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