Garbage collection, the responsibility of the city fathers

I should be forgiven for talking tough against garbage truck drivers, looks like some of those fellows carry in their heads that which should remain at the back of their trucks. Mr City Commissioner please do something if you can.

Each time I meet those weird-looking trucks my heart pumps faster. This is because every time i come across these garbage trucks I get a feeling they move too fast…….its not just that but to be honest those trucks are an eyesore.

Even when stationary the ugly trucks slant towards one side, you get a feeling the truck might just fall on its side. I think those trucks are old and therefore should be considered for early retirement.

I propose that the next time those trucks go to the dumping site they should be left there.. they are garbage in their own right.

Anyway the first four paragraphs of my little note serve to illustrate the challenge in terms of waste collection this city faces. Our city lacks a municipality run garbage collection department.

The business of garbage collection is left to private companies, I should say if my observation is unbiased then the refuse collection companies have done well within their approach to the business of refuse collection. Motivated they are more by profits than real service.

Which leaves us with one option…. let me call it a request ” Mr County Commissioner would you mind taking over refuse collection …”


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