Why Africa might never get out of the mess

Iam of the opinion that we need to educate young Africans in much a way that leaves them as custodians of a revolution that began in 1963.

Africa has never really managed to get out of a mess because its either half of the continent is with the west while half is with east at any given time.

Africa has become a global playground for all sorts of powerful nations, Africa is a laboratory for all sorts of harmful policies ESAP in some African countries.

The only continent were you can dump weapons at will.

It has become one of the continents were a nation’s government policy is either influence by donors who claim to know what Africans need more than the Africans themselves.

Thats why more Africans are proud to be former colonies of some country, or thats why others wish they were colonies of some country. Instead of joining a particular group of former colonies why not come up with a group that reflects a new Africa. ……………. to be continued


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