Zimbabweans waiting for help that will never come

Like fish in water, Zimbabwe’s power lies inside the souls of Zimbabweans not anywhere else. No one will come to save the Zimbabwean people. Each nation was blessed with its own ………and therefore it all begins at home.

Zimbabweans should not be fooled into thinking help will come from else where. Aid is a form of public relations tactic that some countries employ in order to sway media attention from their mercenary activities elsewhere.

It’s just like some tobacco processing plant coming out to support a `community initiative like putting up a lung cancer clinic when in fact the very cigarettes they are manufacturing are causing the chaos.

Everything lies in what we have and what we want to do and not in what some one else comes to do.

No amount of aid will do any difference to anybody, history has proved too well. The Khedive of Egypt had his country turned into a colony because he owed money to the British. http://www.cusd.chico.k12.ca.us/~bsilva/projects/imperialism/brownfield.htm

Currently in Sudan the other major issue hampering negotiations for a Southern Sudan referendum is this
issue of how the debt of Sudan will be shared between North Sudan and South Sudan in the event Southern Sudan secedes.

Most of the debt of course has to with reckless external funds given to the country in the past 50 years

Beggars remain beggars unless they are willing to give in as slaves to work that enhances life.

History tells us well how African countries were bullied into accepting ESAP in exchange for dollars.

How many succeeded how many failed……and by the way who wants to talk about it.


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