We NEED leaders not rulers

You can only be our president if you are willing to lead us not to rule us. You can only be a replacement if you want to lead not rule.

You shall maintain and improve our ability to read and write.

Your name should be synonymous with humility; we do not want to see your head on our currency during your presidency.

You shall enslave your own self to work for the Great people of Zimbabwe; they shall enslave themselves to work for the Great House of Stone.

You shall serve us your countrymen and us only; we the Zimbabwean people come first be it politics, the economy or society.

You shall speak only on behalf of our people, and defend our people at any fora anywhere at anytime.

You shall not be awarded any honour by our people because there is nothing special about you; you are one of us, anything good that shall be done by you will be because you are supposed to do it.

You shall not shower praises on either the East or the West for the Zimbabwean people look ahead, straight ahead get it?

You shall not let morally insensitive newspapers operate in the name of free media.

You shall defend the flag, the coat of arms you shall not allow Zimbabwe to be used as a pawn in geopolitics.

Your point of reference shall be the Mighty Great Zimbabwe Empire; the Great house of stone. Remember Zimbabweans do not want anything less.

You shall remember that the ability that that the Great Zimbabweans had of building magnificent structures without the use of mortar is symbolic of Zimbabwe’s ability to adapt and conquer in any adverse situation.

You shall recite the following every morning “The Great House of stone has raised once more”

You shall devise a political system in liaison with the Great people that fits Zimbabwean standards not International standards for the real Zimbabwean standards are much better for Zimbabweans, in other words everything will be custom made especially for the people of Great Republic of Zimbabwe.

You shall remember that you cannot serve two masters, either you will make Great Zimbabwe attractive to the Great Zimbabweans or you will turn it into a field for some other people.

You shall reintroduce the House of Chiefs to help reinstall the great Great Zimbabwe a state that.



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2 responses to “We NEED leaders not rulers

  1. Tendekai Nzira

    IM loving this, you have quality in understanding the brutality and ignorance of our fellow societies.The inheritance of a vile seed has been around for a while.
    I wish people started to think outside the circle like you have mentioned.

    Its so cruel to feel pain in spoken languages,while the city birds scrounge off leftovers from the streets.

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