the future of wiki leaks

Assange has been threatened but this might just be a passing tide. Actually years from now Assange might receive an award.

An award that rewards those who expose the back door utterances by western governments. The Award will be named The NOBEL LEAKS AWARD.

The whole wikileaks thing might be so revolutionary that everyone might just want to tell the truth. This could be the end of Secret agents………..

The Corporate world will not be left behind. They might be a new term coming up CHIEF LEAKING OFFICERS. Information Officers might just become a thing of the past, obsolete, to be precise within the corporate world.

The word leaking will be replaced with the word assanging. In the future of the world Assange will be regarded as the father of leaking.

So the International Assange leaking Institute will be founded. Of course Australia will want to host this Institute the other major thing other than the Sidney Olympics.

When Australia finally becomes a Republic Assange will become The Minister Of Information. He will leak all the files all documents dating back to the days when the Aborigines came.

Of course by then Leaking will have become a noble profession. So Assange will become the next UN Secretary General.


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