When the cattle camp mentality blocks way

I listened attentively to some fellows who sounded empathetic towards homeless boys, boys who had missed the opportunity of getting employed.

Most of these young men came from Eastern Equatoria around Kapoeta, Iam told that in their own community back there “cattle are everything”.

Well the young men iam referring to here live close by my place so I see them daily. Some months back a certain NGO devised a plan to make sure the homeless boys would live much better lives.

The NGO sponsored a programme that would enable the boys to acquire skills, skills that would get the young men jobs within the hospitality industry.

8 boys got through the course, graduated with certificates in Hospitality. The young men set out to search for employment; all of them got job offers.

As I speak only one(1) out of the eight(8) young men who received training are employed. The rest would not take the up the jobs because they complained the US$150 was not enough, despite the fact that most of them barely had primary school education and work experience.

The rest are wandering around town with neither school, a place to sleep nor a job.

When these young men are given clay to create models. All of them always create clay models of bulls and cows, rarely any other thing. This helps us to actually decipher the codes inside the heads of these young men.

Despite the fact that Juba maybe a “cattle less” place the young men are nevertheless “cattle full” in as far as their thinking is concerned.

Their yardstick for measuring many things from success to knowledge may have many things to do with cattle.
That’s why efforts by many NGO’s to give homeless children a better life haven’t yielded much. They is too much emphasis on treating symptoms and not causes.

Every other child expert, has dealt with the symptoms of the wandering child problem, Few have decided to deal with the causes, some of which lie within the mentality of the wandering children.
To be continued


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