The Right Attitude

1. If i have to blame some one for all my troubles i will never learn to take responsibility,


The current fuel crisis leaves us with a valuable lesson. Unless one takes responsibility they will continue to blame some other force for their woes
Giving blame to the past is all I hear these days, Lloyd Luna in his book Alphabet of Achievement says most people take 
extra garbage with them into the next level, so for that reason they fail to move on.
2. If i am going to call myself young i will never grow 


The above statement sums up what i always hear ” We are only five years past our troubles” This attitude is likely going to encourage laziness. Its an attitude that places our destiny into other people’s hands.
Lloyd Luna sums everything well in his book
Alphabet of Achievement
 He says If you want to achieve a better life, don’t expect for a better economy, a better government, a better husband of wife, a better child, a better education, or a better pay because they are not in your control.


3. If i still believe i am inexperienced all the time the bullies are going to kick me hard


Yeah they are those around the globe waiting to pounce on those who claim they are inexperieced. Such people
will offer a hand only to loot. Pretend you are inexperienced at your own peril and the bullies will be take advantage of you.


4. if i am going to shed tears and enlist for aid from all over i will never learn to work…..
Thats why according to Dambisa Moyo aid has failed to work because its easy money, unlike taxes and loans from private enteprises
for which government has to be accountable to borrowers and taxpayers, Aid being easy money enables powerful
elites to misuse funds.



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