My confession


You are the secret that I cant hide anymore

You are the one I saw

It wasnt in a dream

As sure as I was

I vanished on that rainy day,

only to find you by the riverside

Since that day till now

I wonderd and I need an answer

As sure as Iam

This is my great confession

Sometimes things are not what they seem

But right about now

I believe what i saw

I know its true

Its is all that I see

Its all I feel

I believe in passion

I am passionate about thee

It must be you and no one else

Now on

You are the one

Whose field shall produce

whose seed I shall give to thee

Let the generations that shall come after your sons rule the island



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4 responses to “My confession

  1. tendai

    Thanks bro.. This poem is an expression of that which I have always haboured inside my self… Yeah, am also going to have it on creativitu ground….

  2. Nice Tindo! I really dig yo post

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