Why philanthropy is good for your personal brand image


Great, so you have just decided to stop being a jack of all trades. You have decided on your purpose. Somehow you are coping up with twitter and facebook preety well. You are managing your personal brand image well. Yo are consistent. Yo are churning out great content on your blog, Those posts on your blog prove your expertise.

How about some philanthropy? Visiting an orphanage, an Old People’s Home, in fact doing such things proves that you are human. Such acts of kindnes also prove you are not just concerned about your carrer alone.

Such acts are proof that despite your million ambitions to live a life of purpose, you also care about other people. Acts of kindness such as these should come naturally. You should  not  visit the orphanage or some other place where kind people are needed when you realise you need to reedem your image from…

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