How to breed disobedient citizens


If you are a teacher, beat up a student for no apparent reason and then justify the beating by reading aloud the adage “spare the rod and spoil in child”.

If you are a policeman take a young man hostage and accuse him of anything you want to, accuse him of something then extort a few pounds from him.

Little more than a month ago my friend was caught unaware, well a few man walked up to him and immediately set to work, well these men claimed they were officers, at the end of it all he lost two hundred pounds, in broad daylight,

So how exactly do you breed insurgents, This is how it works, the moment common people begin to hate or distaste the people who are supposed to be protecting them, they get bitter, and as much want some sort of revenge for all the suffering they have experienced at the hands of those they are bitter with.

Common people may start to hate the police because the police maybe in the habit of intimidating and extorting money from defenceless people.

While we need to appreciate the work of the police in handling criminals, they is great need to draw the line between harassing a common citizen and keeping order.

Thus those in charge of protecting citizens should handle the common people like delicate bottles of expensive champagne.

`Respect people and they will give you the respect back, and those who abuse citizens in the name of being security agents should be reminded that without the very people, they so abuse they might have never gotten the opportunity be security agents, in other words security operatives are employed because there is me and you to be protected.

If the police mistreat citizens, the citizens start to fear the police as opponents rather than partners in making the society better and so in turn it will become harder for citizen to cooperate with people they view as enemies.

Civil unrest can slowly build up, as the common people seek to address their grievances against law enforcement agents in a destructive manner.

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