Why they do not know

Last week I enquired from a County education director, as to the number of children that had dropped out of primary schools within his own county, he did not know, and he was not about to give me the slightest idea.

What do you pay a country education director to do, except that he should be a man of passion and knowledge at his/her job?

Days later at a workshop, going by her question some lady from a commission wasn’t even aware of the associations that her own commission is supposed to liase with, it’s possible she was still new so she was still green about everything.

The two scenarios got me thinking and asking myself as to why certain officials may not know the things that they are supposed to know within their own spheres of action.

Generally, an official forgetting seemingly small details is a normal occurrence, the justification being, like all of us he is a human with shortcomings like the rest of us.

From my own observation, its worth sympathizing with some officials, the numerous workshops these people attend are not really helping matters. With these capacity building, and consultative workshops all over town we expect a higher level of awareness.

No wonder Kosti Manibe wiped out the operating budget for workshops in the recent budget.

Since the whole process of reading volumes of reports made by private organisations and individuals is tedious work in itself, it is possible some officials maybe lazy to get such information from reports that they cannot care to verify.

Besides some of these people may be bombarded with reports and more of them by private organisations to the extent they may not know what to do with them.

The question then is, is it of any of our business to know who forgets what and when, especially when worse things are happening elsewhere.

If a county education officer does not have the slightest idea in numerical terms of school dropouts within his area of operation, what makes us believe he can manage his own office well? Will he remember how much his office used while he speaks on the podium?  If the head of a county department does not know, then who is supposed to know?

It is possible, service delivery will be affected in a great way when we have people in positions that they can’t justify being in, especially when they choose to be ignorant about issues that they are supposed to be conversant with.

Comrades It’s worth spending time, reading a paper or two, our markets are awash with newspapers, listen to local radio, watch local television, information is everywhere.

The onlooker does not want to ask you as to when South Sudan gained independence and you fail to answer.

The luxurious ICC hotels (sorry prisons)

Charles Taylor

The Onlooker is a fan of justice however when justice seems to serve the villain much more than the victim, we refer to it as ICC justice. Looks like prosecuting ICC suspects costs much more than actually compensating victims, and did you know the prisons to which these fellows are something their own victims can dream of living in. Just take for instance Charles Taylor. The Evening Standard reports that Taylor is set to serve his sentence in glamour, in a British prison where he will be able to read daily newspapers, sleep in a comfortable bed, watch TV and play whatever games he may wish. He may also end up making so much money by writing his own biography which would earn him millions of dollars. And he could also, if he so wished study for a doctorate in criminology. How much did that trial cost, If I may ask, its estimated 200 million dollars was used in the process to prosecute Taylor.

It’s bad if it’s African huh?

According to a recent report by a certain organisation, some tribes in South Sudan encourage premarital sex hence unwanted pregnancies thus hampering girl education. I am not qualified to comment at length on the report, since I am not an expert at such matters, but strange enough, town is awash with porn movie DVD’s on display, just go there and see who buys them. Just asking, doesn’t porn encourage premarital sex, prostitution and just as much unwanted pregnancies resulting in girls leaving school or is porn a lesser evil and modern than the cultural practice of encouraging premarital sex?

 Budget eats workshops

With workshops, seminars, conferences wiped off 2012/13  budget, the news is, workshops that used to chew part of the national budget are no more, hope no one will try to sneak workshops into the budget before is passed

Organizations whose sponsors are austerity proof will continue trickling into hotel conference rooms around town. The core business of some organizations is conducting workshops. The finance minister knows better, workshops are not the core business of government. Many of these workshops are not useful. Check out South Sudan 2012/13 budget statement; I repeat, the budget has “eaten” the workshops.


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