Free us from bromide and dirty water tankers

Having been told that some of these bakeries make use of bromide instead of yeast, I never cared really because I never thought it mattered.

A few days later something happened, after having bought at least a hundred litres of water from a water tanker, I was surprised at its taste and smell; well it was just like I was drinking oil, chlorine tablets really did not help.

I wondered could it be that the water tank was once used to transport fuel, oil or some oily commodity. I am talking about that dark oil used in cars and a whole lot of road monsters.

 I could not get the answers, by the time I was in wonderland, the tanker was gone and here I was, stuck with a drum full of oily water.

Oily water, bromide, all into your stomach, I do not want to sound like an alarmist but its alarming never the less. It makes us wonder if all we eat is safe at all. One even starts doubting mineral water, the chapatti, and a whole of food in town.

As for bromide, it was much later, that I learnt of the immense health risks associated with it that I decided to get scared, and quit eating bread.

According to medical experts intake of bromide increases the chances of getting thyroid problems and breast cancer among other ailments. In short Mr. Bromide is not your friend.

I know a thousand other souls have ever heard about bromide and oily water if not worse things, but they don’t care because hunger and thirst ought to be dealt with, bread fills the tummy in a big way.

With so many bakeries and variety of delicious cakes, bread, muffins and doughnuts, you cannot tell who uses bromide and who doesn’t, It all tastes good, so the question is: who should be inspect and regulate these bakeries?

Who is supposed to inspect water tankers to make sure we don’t drink dirt. Chlorine tablets are fine, but that’s no reason why someone should sell you and me oily water.

Somebody, independence is here, free us from trouble, free us from ailments, free us from dirt.

  Free our Security Guards

Why Human Rights activist in this country fellows never talk about the ills within the private sector is something we will never know. Take for instance the case of many security guards in the land. While Ministry of Labour regulations have it that all employees including security guards should work for eight hours each day, and get paid for the extra hours they may work. Security guards in certain firms, within this country work for twelve hours each day but they do not get paid for overtime. I spoke to two security guards, who confirmed that other than not being paid overtime, certain security firms do not even provide training for their guards and yet the guards are expected to carry out their duties professionally. So why is it no one never comes out to condemn companies that exploit consumers and workers,

 We would like to think that criticizing government attracts more funding from “development partners”, while criticizing private sector does the opposite.


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