Girl requires SSP10, 000 for life saving surgery

Seventeen year old girl, Duni Poni Bashir needs Ten thousand South Sudanese Pounds to go for a life saving operation on her right lung in Kampala in Uganda.

Ten Thousand pounds is set to cater for all the medical operation on Duni’s lung and medication after the operation. A fraction of funds will also carter for Duni’s transportation by air as she cannot travel by bus due to the unstable condition that she is in.

I visited Duni at ward 4 in Juba Teaching Hospital; visibly in pain, in my presence she coughed loudly at intervals, consequently interrupting her rest. Duni looked weak as she lay in her bed.

Apparently; sickness had affected her appetite for food, she could not even finish eating her lunch as she lay in bed. Her mother says she fell sick a while after she had undergone the operation on her leg in Khartoum in May this year.

Duni’s parents and relatives have not been able to raise all that money by themselves hence, they are requesting for assistance from members of the public.

Medical documents availed to me showed that Duni has water in her right lung. Those who may want to get more details about Duni’s condition in order to assist her can call Duni’s mother on 0956590255

It is our duty to save such children like Duni for they are constitute our hope for the future, it is an opportunity for those who champion girl child rights to prove their total commitment to those ideals they profess.

It’s everyone’s right to life, Its Duni’s right to life.

Haunting stories from Ward 4, can we save the women?

When I got to Ward 4, Juba Teaching Hospital little did I know I would come to appreciate life much more. It came to my attention many beds were empty at the ward. I asked myself if empty hospital beds meant all was going just fine.

Not quite, because before long someone was already saying something to me as she pointed torwads an empty bed… “Just next to that bed where Duni is sleeping, is an empty bed”, I was later told that a lady had died while sleeping on the bed the previous day.

It’s said the lady who had died was HIV positive. The lady was brought to hospital by friends, who never came back to check on her, relatives never turned up to check on her, She died.

Just opposite Duni’s bed was a lady with diabetes. She was asleep.

Two beds away a loving husband held his dear wife in his arms. The right side of the woman’s body was totally paralyzed. The husband did all he could to feed his wife.

His wife slowly ate the portion made up of beans and posho, without much difficulty however. A few days later his wife was dead, she had not been able to withstand the sickness.

ESAD appeals for assistance

John Sebit from ESAD (Equatoria States Association for the Disabled) is appealing to members of the public for donations. Members of the public can donate clothes that he says will be given to less advantaged people with disabilities during the International Day of People with disabilities in December.

This time ESAD chose to stage the commemorations in Yei as a way to give people in the remote counties a chance to be part of the celebrations unlike in previous years when celebrations where staged in Juba.

Members of ESAD will leave Juba on the 20th of November


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