The face of an African revolutionary
Who knew the signs of the days
The face an African revolutionary
The man labeled as a reactionary
The face of a revolutionary
The face of a radical Nubian warrior
Who knew the beasts and prey of the land
From Benin, Ashanti, Timbuktu to Munhumutapa
The brilliant face of a man under the desert sun
Condemned by the desert nomads as an idler and rebel
We call him liberator, fighter and protector of the land
The Face of a warrior
He brought down walls of deceit within which myths of African failure lived
The face of great eagle from Carthage
The face of our warrior from Oyo
The face of our a fighter in Dahomey
The face of our revolutionary
Fighting invaders in the Mountains of Lesotho
The mighty warrior in Kongo
Against the machinations of Pedro
The face of a sculptor
Who creates…

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