Let us keep abreast with times to effect positive change in the world

By Chester K. Nyantika    follow Chester on twitter

The disintegration of the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s marked the end of the cold war that was heralding a possible World War III between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. However, a number of threats have since emerged, including terrorism, environmental distraction, financial crises and massive unemployment.

Our generation is both fortunate and unfortunate; fortunate because technological advancement has eased work and facilitated quick and instant dissemination of information; unfortunate because of the threats on a larger scale than before of HIV/AIDS, ebola, the arms race, terrorism and many uncertainties that threaten mankind.

There is shocking evidence about  environmental threats caused by destructive human activities. According to UN International Panel on Climate Change, if global warming continues at its current rate, it could destroy a quarter of plants and animal species by the year 2050. If ice in the Antarctic were to melt, it would raise the sea levels by approximately 61 meters. This would be catastrophic

Unemployment has driven many  young people abroad to seek a better life far away from home. Unfortunately, that promise for a better world has not been realised. Some young women for example, have ended up in brothels where they have been forced into sex slavery. Recent media reports on Ugandan women in Malaysia gave a shocking revelation of the suffering Ugandans bear in a vain attempt to get better life.

Terrorism has become the most pressing global threat. Although terrorism is blamed on America’s hegemony around the world and her aggressive persuit of her elusive values such as democracy, freedom and human rights observance, the resentment of her foes has provoked attacks the world over. This is because the Al-Qaeda and other Islamic exremist regard America’s actions to be targeted at their culture and Islamic faith….

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