The Herald Zimbabwe reports that the tax man may start to collect taxes from Churches by November 2015.

Apparently Pasi(The ZIMRA CG) says He doesn’t care how Churches make their money because, Pasi like a lot of my fellow Patriots know that Zimbabwean mega churches are operating in full throttle.

I would never totally support the idea, I feel this is happening because many “churches” have displayed uninterrupted indulgence in creating and promoting a dollar driven and dollar centred religion instead of building Christ following and gospel centred churches. ZIMRA feels therefore its justified to get the money where ever it can find it.

The governing authorities have long viewed prosperity driven religious organisations as a sector that can actually contribute to national coffers. I remember, Walter Mzembi( Tourism Minister) saying once in 2013 that Zimbabwe could tap income from religious tourism, that was around that time of the famed judgement night by Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Then there was miracle money craze, How else could a Commissioner General of Tax Authority understand this more so when a government badly needs money, to him the prosperity driven religious organisations are making money. They no longer deserve to be treated as charitable organisations rather He sees these organisations in the same way He sees any profit making ZSE listed company hence His insistence on taxing “churches”.



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  1. I used to have reservation regrading taxing the church. I later realized most churches operate as businesses with the lead pastor as the CEO. The congregants are viewed as shareholders with God’s blessings viewed as dividends.

    • I think when they is deliberate misintepretaion of scripture for selfish purposes, church ceases to be church. This deliberate misinteprtation of scripture is sin and there is a consequence…. taxation is the consequence in this case. Churches have ceased to be seen as such rather they are seen profit making organisations…..

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