Thou shalt not turn Christianity into a political ideology..


Thou shalt not turn Christianity into a political ideology..
This is a reminder to Bible believing Christians in Zimbabwe, that our faith must never be easily hijacked by the circumstances of the day.

Christianity is not a political ideology neither is it a method for advancing any particular economic ideology.

I say this because its easy to get carried away as a Christian, with the headlines of protests for political emancipation to a point of twisting the one message of the bible into a political ideology.
Jesus Himself suffered at the hands of the Romans, even though He had the power to free the Jews from Roman rule.

Even more Jesus` other disciple Matthew was a tax collector, that probably meant Matthew had to collaborate with the Romans, in the days before he became a disciple.

On the other hand was another disciple, Simon the Zealot, an anti Roman Jew.

Christ on calling these men would never entangle himself in the ideology of either man.

The point is clear, Christianity just like its originator is not a political ideology.

Christianity, as every bible believing Christian will know has its sole focus on the Redemptive work of the Holy triune God, who redeems those that He decided to redeem solely out of the pleasure of His will for His Glory. That is the core of our Christian Faith.

We as Christians must not get too excited by such passing tides of political activism to a point of thinking the message of the bible can be turned into a political ideology that suits political preferences of the time.

We must look at worldly methods that are without Christ for what truly they are.
Without Christ, sin is noble, greed is highly esteemed, thieves are wise.

Violence unto destruction though a device of the devil suddenly seems good, in the eyes of the unregenerate. For the world says, between 2 evils, choose of the lesser evil. The world says the end justifies the means.


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