I subscribe to the biblical doctrine of Sovereign and Free Grace. God before time out of His Sovereign will chose unto redemption to eternal life certain people. This biblical dictrine will yield the following conclusion “We are saved by Sovereign Grace alone through Christ alone” justified by Faith alone which is a gift of God.. ..

The idea that God is sovereign  and therefore does as he pleases in relation to the salvation of men is offensive to many.

 People often assert in protest  “God hasnt chosen anybody, thereby implying that men can freely choose wether or not they want to go to hell”

Others ask, “whats the point of preaching if God has already chosen His own, To which I always “God uses the ministry of the preacher to draw His own unto Himself”

The idea of free will makes God weak, If you can decide what should happen in ertenity then God is no longer sovereign. The false idea of free will is effectively used by false teachers who without failure will always tell you that you can name it and claim as long as you want it

False teachers preach perfomance, and never preach grace, even when they preach grace its always conviniently mixed with perfomance. They preach works and more works as a means of salvation so that they can preach about how you must seed in their ministry to court God`s   favour. 
On basis of scripture, I always insist that works cant save nobody and this is the response I always get “Are you implying that good works cannot get God to save the doer  on account of His good deeds… To which I always reply “Our righteousness is as filthy, if not more filthy than rags..


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