The False Gospel of good works

A gospel of good works is false.It is based on the assumption that your good works, actions, intentions  and innovation no matter how unscriptural, with a little “faith” can cause God to save you or to submit to your wishes howmuchever foolish. The false gospel of works is so prevalent and is the sure cause of all grass eating and insecticide use foolishness, It is also enriching many a false prophet.

The gospel of works runs contrary to the true gospel of grace. Jesus accomplished the work of salvation, you do not need a doom spraying prophet or a pope claiming he can forgive sin to dupe you. Our works and methods in whatsoever form will not make us any holier than the filthiest sinner.

This gospel of grace isnt for the mammon hunters either, because Jesus didnt die so you could accumulate more cash. The world has plenty people who are filthy rich yet they do not believe in Jesus, Go and join them if you need cash better than you need Christ, because the sacrifice Christ made wont offer you both mammon and ertenal life. Well salvation is salvation from the sin and its consequence which is ertenal death. He came to save those called by the Father from sin and He accomplished His mission so so well that you dont have to do anything to help. You neither need doom, grass, annointed objects nor a “priest” to declare you holy. Christ is enough!


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