So you saved yourself huh?

  1.  I hear often people brag about how they chose Christ by recititing some written down prayer, well I am yet to find biblical basis for the recital of a prayer as a prerequisite for quite never ends there, because they go on and on about how good they have been thus implying their good deeds are the partial cause of the reason why God saved them! Oh so you helped God, save you huh?

  2. Well thats interesting because all unregenerate me are dead in sin, and let me remnd you that a dead person cannot ressurect self, So if you where indeed saved, then something greater outside your power saved you..
  3. Ahh alluding salvation to your own choice this is as good as believeing that your good work of choosing Christ caused your salvation.
  4. The false belief that you caused your salvation is unbiblical and its tantamount to glorification of self, glorification of self is worship of self. Worship of self is idolatry. Idolatry is a sin!
  5. We are saved by grace and by grace alone not by our list of good works, its Grace that causes the good works to come forth! Not vice versa. By the way God saves by Himself unto himself for Himself.

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