The Judaizer & The Zionist, why their patnership has misled many believers

The Judaizer demands adherence to either all or part of Mosaic Law. The Zionist uses the OT to make a political case for the current state of Israel, There is obviously more to this.

The Zionist easily convinces the Judaizer to support His political cause, and somehow because the Judaizer is already obsessed with Mosaic Law and OT prophecy. The typical Judaizer being an evidentialist can easily be convinced into thinking that indeed The State of Israel as it exists is evidence of God`s promise to Abraham

The Judaizer being an evidentialist cannot whole heartedly trust Christ, because Christ cannot be seen in the physical, Judaizer insists on works and the law thus can easily be led by the Zionist to spend 45 minutes day dreaming about the value of broken debris from the “Holy Land”

Those who have been manipulated by the Judaizer are easily manipulated by the zionist, Thats why you meet people claiming to be Christians who have no idea about Zionism saying “I support Israel” yet they can barely substantiate their position beyond the statement “its the holy land where Jesus was born” 

The Zionist and the Judaizer are both dispensationalists, choosing to believe that God either saves by grace or genetics.


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