Is the bible primitive fabrication. just because in it are account of a talking and the virgin birth…

UNBELIEVER : The bible is primitive fabrication. Evidence: Talking animals.

> Because talking snakes, talking donkeys and virgin birth don’t really happen, neither does walking on water

>”a bunch of false assertions” You mean like “The Exodus Happened” “Penguins & Dinosaurs were on the Ark”

MBOFANA Its clear that the unbeliever here objects to the supernatural accounts such as the parting of the Red Sea and the virgin birth. The statements in that objection presuppose naturalism the unbeliever here ASSERTS that if anything breaks physical laws then it doesn’t exist and cannot exist.

Thus in order to show the folly within this theory we must expose the flaws and self refuting nature of naturalism.Here is a refutation of naturalism by Matt Slick  Once we accomplish that task then the unbeliever can longer continue to make use of this false worldview against Christianity.

Naturalism is self refuting. Once you have shown naturalism to be self refuting the unbeliever has no right to continue using naturalism as basis for arguments against the Supernatural claims of Christianity.



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