When the unbeliever demands proof!

Unbelievers commonly make assertions on basis of inconsistent and biased ways of learning, understanding and interpreting the world in order refute the truth of Christianity and specifically the bible. In this article I refute objections that unbelievers level against Christianity and show that most are mere assertions and are not even valid arguments against Christianity. I also show that the assertions are based on worldviews that are self refuting.


3. UNBELIEVER Please provide PROOF of birth, divinity, ministry(that was not plagiarised

MBOFANA They is plenty evidence outside and inside scripture however none of these will be accepted by the unbeliever, He dismisses all of the evidence as false. On what basis though, first of all the unbeliever is a subjective being, he has no reason to be objective, because God being the source of the objective standard the believer is a rebel unwilling to accept the objective standard of God.

2. He claims that God does not exist so already He will not accept the divinity of Christ,

3. He will not accept the ministry of Christ because he claims the bible is not a reliable document in terms of whatever is contained therein.

So how should one respond to the unbeliever in a case such as this? As already discussed in Objection 2, The unbeliever asks questions on the basis of his worldviews which as we have already seen are self contradicting. So we must challenge him to show us how he came to the conclusion that the biblical accounts on Jesus where plagiarized, as usual the unbeliever will resort to claims that the story of Christ was borrowed from Mithrais, Krishna, Zeus, Horus, Dionysus.

4. UNBELIEVER Lots of other cults have other books that they claim have “Divine Authority” yet YOU reject them. I do too reject yours too.

MBOFANA So what? this is subjective and obviously arbitrary reasoning, fact is such an argument does not prove that Christianity is false.


6. UNBELIEVER Prove that the Bible is “The Word Of God” “Divinely Inspired” with “Divine Authority” prove it!

MBOFANA I do not have to prove this to the unbeliever for three reasons. First of all the bible is the first principle and source of all propositions in the Chrstian Faith just as unbeliever may claim that Scientific method [ whose basis is sense perception that is the 5 senses ] is the source of all propositions in his worldview.

When the unbeliever demands that I prove that the bible is the word of God, its not any different from I asking Him to make use of His five senses in order to prove His five senses, sounds ridiculous isnt it.

Secondly I can say to the unbeliever “You do not believe that the God of the Bible exists and since God does not exist to you, He cannot possibly have a revelation, Define “Word of God” define “divinely inspired” and “divine authority and also explain how you know these terms in relation to what does not exist”.

To ask for proof that the Bible is the word of God one must first assert that they is a word of God and before one does this, they must first affirm that they is God who gives this word. Due to unbelief the unbeliever cannot possibly understand any of this and therefore He cannot know anything about God well enough to question me about God.

The third reason why its futile to prove anything to the unbeliever is the bible clearly states that The things of the spirit are foolishness to the carnal man, and besides also states it that the fool says in his heart they is no God, and therefore a fool who claims they is no God cannot possibly comprehend anything, in spite of his appearance as smart and intelligent, The bible further states it that we should not judge by appearance but we should practice righteous judgement.

Therefore its doesnt matter how outwardly courteous the unbeliever maybe deep inside he is depraved, sinful and living in rebellion to God, thus he must be given answers pertaining his inquiry in light of his rebellion.





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