Va Chiwenga and Va Makandiwa, Two self righteous men propagating a false gospel

Here are the words of Va Makandiwa on how He has earned his own Salvation by his own works
“If you get to heaven and you do not find me there, you have gone to hell, that is not heaven because everything that should be done for a man to secure His life in eternity, i have done it”

you can find the video here

Here are Va Chiwenga’s own words on how Baptism is a condition for salvation
“If you refuse to get baptised you will burn in hell as for me i will continue to preach to you as I am because even if I seek to get baptised, who shall baptise me? Who do you think qualifies to preach to me and to baptise me”

Both men are arrogantly intoxicated with their ability and fame. Their statements prove that they do not need Christ anymore. They now believe they can save themselves. To them Christ alone is irrelevant. So Va Chiwenga admits No one can preach to Him or even baptise Him. As for Va Makandiwa He has just completed the heaven application form and successfully he has been granted entry on account: not of Christ but on account of what he, [Va Makandiwa] has done. This is blatant, Pharisaic level self righteousness and self importance of devilish proportions.

I am about to rest my case but before i do, here is the Gospel, and this gospel in contrast with Va Makandiwa’s foolish claims and Va Chiwenga’s bizarre salvation by water dipping.

Salvation is by Grace through Faith in Christ alone, That is God Himself before the foundations of the world chose His own children not on basis of their foreseen works but He chose them on basis of His own wise and secret counsel. Having chosen them, He also determined their fall in Adam, yes, He did! But He did it all for His Glory and thus saved them in Christ who thus died for their sins and stood on their behalf in the presence of the Father.

Those chosen of the Father are born not of their will but of the Holy Spirits unto repentance and belief in the finished work of the Saviour. On account of this faith God justifies these children as righteous not by their works but on account of the righteousness of Jesus Christ!

This is the gospel: justified by Faith, Saved by Grace in Christ Alone. Therefore when Va Makandiwa says He has done everything to secure eternity and happens to be so sure that if you don’t find him in heaven it’s you who could might have missed heaven, you must be sure He is not talking from what God has spoken in the inspired scriptures but speaks of some other heaven other than the heaven that the bible speaks of.


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