Having grown up under a false gospel seasoned with a combination of falsehoods, that oppose and dilute the essence of the work, ministry,life, person of Christ and the Sovereign Grace of God, Br. Tendai Mbofana,By the Grace of God was stirred to question the unbiblical beliefs he had accepted for so long and thus began to thoroughly search for answers from the bible. In the course of searching for answers, He also came across accounts of historic moments within which God brought back His people into alignment with His word.

One such moment that had profound impact on his understanding was the Protestant Reformation, during which Scripture once more took precedence in matters of Life and Faith as God ‘s people with God given boldness opposed counterfeit religion despite the great suffering and persecution from the proponents of pseudo -Christianity.

The search for answers also exposed Him to some Theologically sound preaching and teaching of Sovereign Grace Brethren such as James Guyo & Scott Price who impressed upon him greatly the biblical idea of Sovereign Grace and Christocentric nature of all scripture.

The search for answers also exposed Him to some doctrinal material from an earlier time such as the Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin, The Puritans, Sermons of Charles Spurgeon, Systematic Theology of Louis Berkof, Charles Hodge, Apologetics by Gordon Clark, Vincent Cheung and many other Reformed Theologians.

However the the theological ideas of fellow men are only authoritative in their explanation of scripture, only in as far as they do not contradict what the bible has to say about important things such as The Sovereignty, Fatherhood, Holiness, Sovereign Grace of God, The person, work and ministry of Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit, God’s total work in the salvation of man.

Thus having realized that many Christians are in dire need of a solid understanding of Scripture in light of Christ in order to stand against the tide of falsehoods, Br. Tendai started Reformission to help Christians understand every passage of scripture in light of the person, work & ministry of Christ while at the same time exposing all the falsehoods that distort a Christ centred understanding of All scripture.

Once in a while Br. Tendai shares brief explanations of historic accounts where God gave His people boldness to proclaim truth of Christ even in the face of persecution and death.


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