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Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Acts 17:11 #Berean All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 2 Timothy 3:16 #SolaScriptura

The Unpopular Truth

Many of you though professing Salvation by Grace alone through Faith in Christ alone, nevertheless contradict yourselves immediately by conditioning salvation on some other work of the law, baptism or some other thing as a being necessary for salvation.

In a lot of churches that many of you attend, your so called “papa” easily takes your hard earned cash in exchange for dead idols such as calendars, ‘anointing’ water, oil, bangles, necklaces, because some of you have been bewitched to think that to purchase church merchandise will earn you points on some heavenly scoresheet! Some of you think that these objects that “papa” peddles are either the total or partial cause of salvation.

Some of your so called “apostles” and “prophets” claim that they posses the ability to engage God on your behalf to such an extent that their ability to engage can affect for better or for worse your well being here on earth and your eternal destiny.

Even though these men do not have this ability, some of you have become slaves to these men because they have instilled fear in you.

You fear to leave such a “church” because you believe that the “church” has been a source of protection from witchcraft and thus you believe that something might befall you if you leave that church.

You fail to realise you have lost time with your family, money and joy to these the false claims that your so called church peddles.

You live in bondage by way the of Mosaic Law selectively applied, through threats of curses if you don’t tithe, through useless church programmes and by threats of curses just in case you fail to give enough money for that building project or for the pastor’s welfare or for that so called love offering…

2. And yet this is what we are against, because essentially you are being kept in bondage to a “church” by way of a false gospel that elevates man to a pedestal. Even though you may deny this, you are essentially worshiping an idol! A gospel that keeps you in bondage to a mere sinner is no gospel at all!

So then if you are saved by grace this cannot be the same as “Apostle” and His crew of self righteous henchman prescribing certain deeds to cause your salvation. In other words your church founder is a charlatan!

And so here is what it means to be saved by Grace…

• The truth is that God before the foundations of the world by His Sovereign decision without looking at future works decided to save some unto eternal life. This is seldom ever spoken of in the church because this is such a difficult message to accept unless God teaches you His gospel just as it laid in the scriptures as explained below

In Ephesians 1:5-11 It is clear that God indeed carried out this act of determining the eternal destinies of His People. The question is why would He do this? God did what He did all because of His Glory. God saves those he wants to save for His Glory!

One other passage that also helps explain The Sovereignty of God in Salvation is Romans 9:11-16 where Paul clearly shows us that before Esau and Jacob where born before the two had ever done anything, God already chose Jacob over Esau.

Apostle Paul goes ahead and explains the fact that it is not him that runs who shall obtain mercy, rather mercy is given to He who God decides to show it to. Of course yet again in the same passage the Apostle shows us that there was nothing unrighteous about God in doing what He did!

indeed there is nothing amiss about God saving some and rejecting some, because the scriptures teach this doctrine very plainly.

3. So then we must condition salvation on the Free and Sovereign Grace of God in Christ Alone, and why Christ alone?*

The answer though simple is ignored! The answer is that Christ Alone was uniquely qualified to take up the role that nobody could have ever taken.

•Christ to the exclusion of anybody and anything else both mediator and sacrifice of the elect in other words Christ died and thus paid fully for the sins of the elect. Because Christ was fully perfect He was the perfect sacrifice and mediator God found acceptable.

No other person was ever found to be suitable to take up this role, because on account of Adam we are all sinners and God could never have taken a sinner as an acceptable sacrifice, since all that God demands is a perfect sacrifice.

•Christ took our guilt fully and having taken it up, God gives us the righteousness of Christ we are declared as righteous on account of God given faith in the finished work of Christ, yet even the Faith is God given.

4. Despite this truth many churches are conditioning the forgiveness of sins upon the works of the law and this is in spite of what the bible says in Colossians 2:17 and Hebrews 10:1, both passages which point out the fact that the Law was but a shadow of the real substance which is Christ.


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Va Chiwenga and Va Makandiwa, Two self righteous men propagating a false gospel

Here are the words of Va Makandiwa on how He has earned his own Salvation by his own works
“If you get to heaven and you do not find me there, you have gone to hell, that is not heaven because everything that should be done for a man to secure His life in eternity, i have done it”

you can find the video here

Here are Va Chiwenga’s own words on how Baptism is a condition for salvation
“If you refuse to get baptised you will burn in hell as for me i will continue to preach to you as I am because even if I seek to get baptised, who shall baptise me? Who do you think qualifies to preach to me and to baptise me”

Both men are arrogantly intoxicated with their ability and fame. Their statements prove that they do not need Christ anymore. They now believe they can save themselves. To them Christ alone is irrelevant. So Va Chiwenga admits No one can preach to Him or even baptise Him. As for Va Makandiwa He has just completed the heaven application form and successfully he has been granted entry on account: not of Christ but on account of what he, [Va Makandiwa] has done. This is blatant, Pharisaic level self righteousness and self importance of devilish proportions.

I am about to rest my case but before i do, here is the Gospel, and this gospel in contrast with Va Makandiwa’s foolish claims and Va Chiwenga’s bizarre salvation by water dipping.

Salvation is by Grace through Faith in Christ alone, That is God Himself before the foundations of the world chose His own children not on basis of their foreseen works but He chose them on basis of His own wise and secret counsel. Having chosen them, He also determined their fall in Adam, yes, He did! But He did it all for His Glory and thus saved them in Christ who thus died for their sins and stood on their behalf in the presence of the Father.

Those chosen of the Father are born not of their will but of the Holy Spirits unto repentance and belief in the finished work of the Saviour. On account of this faith God justifies these children as righteous not by their works but on account of the righteousness of Jesus Christ!

This is the gospel: justified by Faith, Saved by Grace in Christ Alone. Therefore when Va Makandiwa says He has done everything to secure eternity and happens to be so sure that if you don’t find him in heaven it’s you who could might have missed heaven, you must be sure He is not talking from what God has spoken in the inspired scriptures but speaks of some other heaven other than the heaven that the bible speaks of.

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Was the account of Christ’s miraculous birth borrowed from pagan mythology?

Below I show to be false the the claims within the article titled ” Determining the truth of Yahoshua’s birth” which can be found in the religious section of Within the article, Shingai Rukwata Ndoro claims that the story of Christ’s miraculous birth was borrowed from pagan mythology.

Before I go any further let me state that the bible in 1 Peter 3:15 – 16 does command us to be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have, thus they is nothing amiss about debunking the falsehoods peddled by Va Ndoro. Secondly the story of Jesus Christ is not a fable as the Apostle Peter states in 2 Peter 1:16 – 18. Peter having been a desciple of Jesus Christ was an eye witness to the glorious ministry of Christ. Peter declares that the story of Christ was not a cleverly devised fable but a majestic and glorious reality that He indeed witnessed and whose origin was heaven. Indeed Peter shared these truths so zealously that He was willing to be persecuted and did suffer persecution unto death.

Below each assertion by Va Ndoro is my response:

VA NDORO IN the levels of truth, “miraculous” conception was an occurrence to be known by few people. “Miracle” was “meipo” in Greek and it meant, “a wonder, something remarkable, but not a violation of natural law”.

MBOFANA Va Ndoro claims “miraculous” refers to something remarkable not a violation of natural Law, of course he does not define what he means by remarkable. Despite the birth of of Bhuddha and other pagan gods violating natural laws Va Ndoro refers to the the conception of these gods as miraculous. The birth of Jesus Christ according to Va Ndoro is not miraculous at all even though it violated natural laws. According to Va Ndoro, the story of the birth of Christ is not miraculous because its not true as it was borrowed from civilisations that predate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Old testament predates the story of Christ, suffice to say, that not even once in His presentation does he make mention of the Old Testament prophecy some of which dates back to as far as 1400 BC. Clearly Va Ndoro selectively intepretes sources, and will only make use of sources that support His case while ignoring a major source such as the Old Testament that would contradict His assertions.

VANDORO The Christian Gospels say Yahoshua’s mother fell pregnant through the “Holy Spirit”. Both Miryam and her husband Yosef were Nazerene Hebrews.
They were unfamiliar with the term “Holy Spirit” as used in Greek Scriptures. Judaically, they did not believe in a separate or independent actualisation of YHVH referred to as the “Holy Spirit”.

MBOFANA Question to Va Ndoro is: if Mary and Joseph where unfamiliar with the Holy Spirit does that make the miraculous birth of Christ a myth? Was their acceptance of the Holy Spirit as divine a precondition for the miraculous conception to take place? This, Va Ndoro must be able to prove that Mary and Joseph had to accept the deity of the Holy Ghost for the miraculous conception to happen, Should he fail to do this then His argument is invalid. In order to talk about Mary and Joseph I assume that Va Ndoro read this from the bible, and if He read this from the bible then He deliberately ignored Luke 1:35 which says

[ And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God. – L U K E 1: 35 ]

VA NDORO According to Rabbi Azriel Schreiber, the Judaic religious perspective does not accept a separate Hellenic “Holy Spirit” because the YHVH’s presence or Breath (Spirit) is Holy. Therefore, it can be noticed that the concept of “Holy Spirit” was neither a discovery nor a revelation to Miryam and Yosef but an invention of the Greeks (Hellenics) 400 years later.

MBOFANA What did Va Ndoro expect a Rabbi to say? Judaism denies Christ as saviour. The Rabbi dismisses the concept of the Holy Spirit on account of the fact that Judaism denies the Triune nature of God, therefore it was only natural that the rabbi would argue that they is no such thing as the Holy Spirit. The New testament where in we find the story of Christ is a Christian document, and no devout Jew would ever aacceptits contents.

However Va Ndoro might not know that in actual fact The Holy Spirit indeed was not even an invention of the Greeks or even New Testament writers rather, the Holy Spirit is spoken of in so many passages of the Old Testament. The New Testament was composed well within the 1st Century AD and thus New Testament books where already circulating by the AD 400. In fact early Christians where already using the New Testament as we know it today at least more than 300 years before AD 400 . Thus Va Ndoro is being untruthful when He says that The concept of the Holy Spirit was added into the bible by the Greeks in AD 400.

VA NDORO The Greek chief deity of the sky, Zeus, is said have impregnated the mortal Kallisto after he had disguised himself as Apollo in order to lure her into his embrace. She gave birth to Arcas. Kallisto was a daughter of the Arkadian King Lykaon and her name is derived from kalliste, meaning “most beautiful”.

MBOFANA So what?

VA NDORO Through a bolt of lightning, Zeus is said to have impregnated a mortal, Semele/Persephone, who gave birth to Dionysus, the Greek deity of wine, wine-making, pleasure and fertility.

MBOFANA Dionysus’ mother was not a virgin, Mary was a virigin. Zeus was a mythical god who must have taken a human form just like many of the greek gods, Yet in the case of Mary the Holy Spirit came upon her. The miraculous birth of Christ was prophesied over a thousand years before, Dionysus birth was not a subject of prophecy.

VA NDORO According to Persian traditions, Mithras was incarnated into the human form of the Saviour, the mythical son of Zoroaster. Mithras was born of Anahita, an immaculate virgin mother given the title “Mother of the Divine” and once worshipped as a fertility cosmic power. Anahita was said to have conceived Mithras from the seed of Zoroaster preserved in the waters of Lake Hamun in the Persian province of Sistan.
The Gospel of Matthew records that the mythical “IesousChristos” (translated as “Jesus Christ”) was visited by an unknown three wise men from the east called the Magi (named “Mahaji” in Sanskrit).

MBOFANA According to Va Ndoro Mithra was conceived of the seed of Zoroaster who lived around 600 BC. Zoroaster himself was a human being, without a divine nature whatsoever, in fact Zoroaster is regarded as a prophet. The persian Mithra was a mythical god/idol who lived around 1400 BC. Here is what this actually means, going by what Va Ndoro says, Zoroaster the father of Mithra was born 800 years after his son! note that those are BC dates and the numerical values reduce as years go by unlike AD dates whose numerical values increase as years go by. Secondly Mithra was never born of a virgin as Va Ndoro asserts, He was born out of an egg. Thus its clear that they is no relationship whatsoever between Mithra’s conception and the miraculous conception of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

VA NDORO These are the followers of Mithras from Persia and they were Zoroastrian priestly experts in astrology from ancient Persia.

MBOFANA So what? even if they where atrologers from Persia, does that discount the fact that Christ was born of a virgin?

VA NDORO The mythical Krishna was born of Princess Devaki, after a voice from the sky announced to the girl, “In thy delivery O favoured among women, all nations shall have cause to rejoice.”

MBOFANA By so saying “mythical krishna” Va Ndoro implies Krishna actually never existed once upon a time, contrary to the claims of Hindu’s, either way thats besides my point, Krishna, if he was a mere myth, then he cannot be compared to Christ by any standard who actually walked upon the face of the earth who was miraculously conceived. If he wasnt a myth then even then he wasnt miraculously conceived, he was not born of a virgin, since He was the eighth child of his mother.

VA NDORO Krishna was born of a married woman Devaki who was considered to have had a miraculous conception. “You have been born of the divine Devaki and Vasudeva for the protection of Brahma on earth.” – Mahabharata Epic book 12, Section 48.
He was miraculously placed in the womb of Devaki as a “full descent” of the great deity Vishnu to rid the earth of evil.

MBOFANA If Krishna was born of a previously married woman then Krishna was not born of a virgin. Devaki already had 7 children prior to Kishna hence Krishna was the eigth child, case closed!

VA NDORO His foster father was Nanda and is said to have lived about 1 200 BCE. He is seen as a divine sage identical in power and wisdom to Vishnu.

MBOFANA Does Nanda bear any resemblance to Joseph the foster father of Jesus? Joseph was a mere man, neither sage nor deity. In fact the lineage of Jesus is traced through His foster father Joseph, who according to history was a descendant of David and Abraham. New testament writers where not just making things up by borrowing from pagan religions rather what they wrote was real truth in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

VA NDORO The basic source of Krishna’s mythology is a part of Mahabharata Epic and is called Bhagavata Gita (Song of the Blessed One), written between 400 BCE and 200 CE.
Krishnite theology has its point of reference when the Divine takes human form for the purposes of defending the underlying moral order in the universe.

MBOFANA If the Bhagavhata Gita was written 400 BC and 200 BC then two things are apparent here
1. Unlike the account of Christ which was writen at least 50 – 100 years after His birth, the Bhagavata Gita was written about 1000 years after the existence of Krishna.
2. They are many Old Testament scriptures in which prophecies about Christ are contained which where written before the Bhagavhata Gita, Some of these passages are actually quoted by the New testament authors,
I am not sure if Va Ndoro is aware of this, its clear that on the basis of the points i have presented above they is no reason to think that the story of Christ’s conception was borrowed from the Bhagavhata Gita. Rather the story of Christ is real and part of a story that started way back in the Old Testament.

VA NDORO Siddhatha Gautama’s incarnation was said to have been accomplished by the descent of Vishnu into the womb of Maya. “The most Excellent of all Bodhisattvas fell directly from his place among the residents of Tushita heaven, and streaking through the three worlds, suddenly took the form of a huge six-tusked elephant as white as Himalaya, and entered Maya’s womb.” (Buddha Karita 1:18.) The foster father, King Suddhodana, was informed by a white elephant that a mighty teacher of men would be born miraculously in the womb of his wife, Mâyâ-Devi, the Queen of Heaven. “By the consent of the king,” says the “LalitaVistara,” “the queen was permitted to lead the life of a virgin… The womb in which a Buddha-Elect was reposed was like the sanctuary of a temple. On that account, the womb of Maya-Devi was sacred.

MBOFANA Mary was not a queen of heaven, Her womb was not sacred other only at the time of the miraculous conception. Mary womb is nowhere descibed as a temple. Mary did not remain a virigin. An angel not an elephant informed Joseph that a Saviour not merely a teacher would be born. Even more importantly these things where to be found in the prophecy of the Old Testament.

VA NDORO Isis (Hathor-Meri or Aset) was Heru or Horus’ mother and a widow of Asar. Isis practiced magic to raise Asar from the dead so she can bear a son that would avenge his death.
Isis then becomes pregnant from the potency waters of her deceased husband.

“(Isis) made to rise up the helpless member (male organ) of him whose heart was at rest, she drew from him his essence (potency waters), and she made there from an heir(Heru).”

MBOFANA Fact is Isis was not a virgin. Osiris the husband to Isis having been chopped into pieces by any enemy, Isis her wife put the pieces together, even then Osiris did not rise from the dead. Now even if isis became pregnant from the potency waters of her husband clearly that should prove Horus her son was not born of a virgin.


VA NDORO If there was any first century historical Yahoshua the Nazarene, was he miraculously conceived? The miraculous conception was an adoption from the above early civilisations for the fourth century mythical Greek “Iesous the Christos” (English “Jesus the Christ”).
Next we discover the truth found outside the conventional texts.

MBOFANAVa Ndoro’s article is based on faulty reasoning, Va Ndoro draws up similarities between the miraculous conception of pagan gods and the miraculous conception of Christ, thus concludes that since the story of Christ appeared years after that of pagan myths it must have been taken up from the pagan myths of earlier civilisations. This reasoning is faulty for more than one reason.

1. This reasoning ignores the fact the prophecies pertaining the coming Messiah that are found in the Old Testament.
2. Va Ndoro ignores the very statements of the New Testament authors and their constant reference to the Old Testament and never to pagan myths

Here are two Old testament passages wherein was prophecy about the miraculous conception of the Messiah.

1. Over 1200 years before the death of Christ Moses wrote

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. [ G E N E S I S 3 : 15 KJV ]

About 20 years after the ascension of Christ, Paul wrote to the Galatians
“But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law “[ G A L A T I A N S 4 : 4 – 5 KJV ]

Obviously Paul was conversant with the nature of the Old Testament right from the book of Genesis and so He knew in every way that indeed Christ was the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. Clearly in the book of Galatians Paul was not quoting the myths of Zeus, Mithra, Horus, Osiris or Dionysus

2. About 600 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prophet Isaiah prophesied

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel [ I S A I A H 7 : 14 KJV ]

About 30 years after the ressurection and ascension of Christ, Matthew having realised the fulfillment of Isaiah 7:14 writes..

“Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” [ M AT T H E W 1 : 22 -23 KJV ]

Clearly therefore the New Testament Authors had no reason to pull out myths from pagan accounts, for they had better things to do, they knew Christ indeed had been born miraculously, lived, was crucified and ressurected, and then more importantly Matthew was a Jew, conversant with the promises of the Old Testament thus realised that indeed Christ is indeed a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy thus wrote accordingly.

Va Ndoro claims Jesus was Greek, I dont know why anyone would stoop so low with such a lie so as to debunk Christianity. More importantly this does not even sound like Matthew was making things up out of the stories about Horus, Zeus, Krishna, Bhuddha, Mithra, Dionysus and Osiris

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When the unbeliever demands proof!

Unbelievers commonly make assertions on basis of inconsistent and biased ways of learning, understanding and interpreting the world in order refute the truth of Christianity and specifically the bible. In this article I refute objections that unbelievers level against Christianity and show that most are mere assertions and are not even valid arguments against Christianity. I also show that the assertions are based on worldviews that are self refuting.


3. UNBELIEVER Please provide PROOF of birth, divinity, ministry(that was not plagiarised

MBOFANA They is plenty evidence outside and inside scripture however none of these will be accepted by the unbeliever, He dismisses all of the evidence as false. On what basis though, first of all the unbeliever is a subjective being, he has no reason to be objective, because God being the source of the objective standard the believer is a rebel unwilling to accept the objective standard of God.

2. He claims that God does not exist so already He will not accept the divinity of Christ,

3. He will not accept the ministry of Christ because he claims the bible is not a reliable document in terms of whatever is contained therein.

So how should one respond to the unbeliever in a case such as this? As already discussed in Objection 2, The unbeliever asks questions on the basis of his worldviews which as we have already seen are self contradicting. So we must challenge him to show us how he came to the conclusion that the biblical accounts on Jesus where plagiarized, as usual the unbeliever will resort to claims that the story of Christ was borrowed from Mithrais, Krishna, Zeus, Horus, Dionysus.

4. UNBELIEVER Lots of other cults have other books that they claim have “Divine Authority” yet YOU reject them. I do too reject yours too.

MBOFANA So what? this is subjective and obviously arbitrary reasoning, fact is such an argument does not prove that Christianity is false.


6. UNBELIEVER Prove that the Bible is “The Word Of God” “Divinely Inspired” with “Divine Authority” prove it!

MBOFANA I do not have to prove this to the unbeliever for three reasons. First of all the bible is the first principle and source of all propositions in the Chrstian Faith just as unbeliever may claim that Scientific method [ whose basis is sense perception that is the 5 senses ] is the source of all propositions in his worldview.

When the unbeliever demands that I prove that the bible is the word of God, its not any different from I asking Him to make use of His five senses in order to prove His five senses, sounds ridiculous isnt it.

Secondly I can say to the unbeliever “You do not believe that the God of the Bible exists and since God does not exist to you, He cannot possibly have a revelation, Define “Word of God” define “divinely inspired” and “divine authority and also explain how you know these terms in relation to what does not exist”.

To ask for proof that the Bible is the word of God one must first assert that they is a word of God and before one does this, they must first affirm that they is God who gives this word. Due to unbelief the unbeliever cannot possibly understand any of this and therefore He cannot know anything about God well enough to question me about God.

The third reason why its futile to prove anything to the unbeliever is the bible clearly states that The things of the spirit are foolishness to the carnal man, and besides also states it that the fool says in his heart they is no God, and therefore a fool who claims they is no God cannot possibly comprehend anything, in spite of his appearance as smart and intelligent, The bible further states it that we should not judge by appearance but we should practice righteous judgement.

Therefore its doesnt matter how outwardly courteous the unbeliever maybe deep inside he is depraved, sinful and living in rebellion to God, thus he must be given answers pertaining his inquiry in light of his rebellion.




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When the unbeliever claims that Christians “Borrowed” many things from Pagan religions…

UNBELIEVER Christianity is the world’s greatest example of syncretism (Google it!) The Christians “Borrowed” many things from Pagan religions.

MBOFANA Apparently the unbeliever claims anything about Christianity is false and you never know how far he may be willing to go, just to assert a claim, yes to assert not to prove anything. Here the unbeliever claims google to be a source of this, But somehow forgets that the same “google” [ internet ] has plenty logical and very accessible material that proves from the bible that Christianity did not borrow from pagan sources.

Now whats the claim? Christianity borrowed many things? which things from where and how does He know this? Now you may already be noticing something here, Most of these questions really require very long answers and sometimes this cannot be accomplished on mediums such as twitter, rather such exchanges are best done face to face, over e mail, or even on facebook where the comments slots allow one to write as much as they need to. Moving on how does the unbeliever know that Christians borrowed many things? well he will most likely talk about Mithra, Zeus, Dionysus, Krishna, Osiris, Horus and claim that Christ was invented out of all these myths.

Some even claim Constantine who lived more than 200 years after the compilation of of the gospels and the epistles invented Christ.

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Is the bible primitive fabrication. just because in it are account of a talking and the virgin birth…

UNBELIEVER : The bible is primitive fabrication. Evidence: Talking animals.

> Because talking snakes, talking donkeys and virgin birth don’t really happen, neither does walking on water

>”a bunch of false assertions” You mean like “The Exodus Happened” “Penguins & Dinosaurs were on the Ark”

MBOFANA Its clear that the unbeliever here objects to the supernatural accounts such as the parting of the Red Sea and the virgin birth. The statements in that objection presuppose naturalism the unbeliever here ASSERTS that if anything breaks physical laws then it doesn’t exist and cannot exist.

Thus in order to show the folly within this theory we must expose the flaws and self refuting nature of naturalism.Here is a refutation of naturalism by Matt Slick  Once we accomplish that task then the unbeliever can longer continue to make use of this false worldview against Christianity.

Naturalism is self refuting. Once you have shown naturalism to be self refuting the unbeliever has no right to continue using naturalism as basis for arguments against the Supernatural claims of Christianity.


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Was “Yahweh” a Canaanite god?

UNBELIEVER “Yahweh” was a Canaanite god, the Jewish god is one from the Canaanite Pantheon

MBOFANA Who is the Jewish God and what does He look like, because apparently if the unbeliever cannot exactly explain the God he is talking about then he has no right to demand for your response, because you worship a Triune God whose attributes He must clearly explain, However since His idea pertaining “God” is prior to his question, I have every right to demand that He explains how he knew this word.


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Do people become believers because they where indoctrinated as children?

UNBELIEVER : Again, statistically, chances are great you believe in Jesus for no better reason than that is what u were born of Christian parents Your baby/child brain would have believed anything your parents & surrounding culture exposed you to, content is meaningless

MBOFANA : Christianity does not owe its truth to the process by which any body claims or is alleged to have been converted to Christianity. The mode by which i became a Christian does not determine the logical validity of Christianity. Thus the assertion raised by the unbeliever doesn’t amount to a valid objection against the truth of Christianity. After all the unbeliever does not even understand how one becomes a believer according to the bible and i will not even attempt to explain this.

However lets examine the claims of this unbeliever below, we have already determined that his assertion is not a valid objection against Christianity but a mere assertion.

Having asserted that the only reason why I am a Christian is simply because I was indoctrinated when I was a child, the unbeliever also added yet another assertion stating that as a baby my beliefs where born out of indoctrination by parents and society. We must never commit the mistake of assuming we know what the unbeliever means, we must also never assume the unbeliever knows what we mean by terms such as “God”

Here we must fully expose the faulty pressuposition of the unbeliever, He clearly pressuposes observation as basis for His claim, The claim is based on previous experiments and research that came up with the conclusion that children take up the beliefs of parents and society in which they are bred in.

However this is not always the case, first of all even if children are “indoctrinated”, it so often happens that they turn away or from beliefs or they will even question these beliefs, even while still under the care of parents. In fact parents teach their children that stealing, swearing and lying are habits to be avoided yet we know that children despite age, lie and steal. The unbeliever however never mentions this and doesn’t realise that, even in a strictly Muslim country a devout Muslim may become a Christian and, while in a Country that is predominantly Christian a “devout” believer may become an atheist.

Therefore whenever a believer asserts anything of such a nature as the that assertion above we must ask questions and He must answer for if he fails to, we cannot proceed, the debate must end if we cannot understand what the unbeliever is saying.

The unbeliever must be questioned as to how he came up with that assertion, As for the assertion above I have already assumed that the unbeliever’s assertion is based on previously gatherd data as to how children acquire beliefs.

This must therefore mean that this unbeliever either observed all of the brains of babies, and he must show us how. Did He take the babies/children to an operating theater in order to have a full view of each baby’s brain? and if He did what exactly did he see that proves that proves his assertion to be true in every case? Yes this sounds rediculous a question but well if the question is ridiculous what about the assertion?

The assertion must not be accepted as it is, we cannot assume we know how the unbeliever came to the conclusion that children’s brains accept whatever parents and culture expose them to.

The questioning must be intensified, Did the believer obtain basis of his assertion pertaining children’s brains from phsychologists, scientists and neurosurgeons or both, and even if got it from whatever place, what reason do we have to accept his claim, how do we know its true if other equally qualified nerosurgeons and scientits disagree? Why did He take the opinion of the particular scientists who concluded that the brains of children take in anything that parents and culture expose them to?

If its true for religion, how is this not true for science, if you are exposed to either science and religion, it might just be you will either turn to science or religion or both to come up with a position on metaphysics, ethics and epistemology. However if we go by the statement above what the unbeliever actually means is children dont think and cannot believe anything except those things the society and thier parents impose on them.

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The return of a false teacher to Zimbabwe

bn.pngFalse teacher Creflo Dollar will be returning to Zimbabwe this month at the invitation of Va Vutabwashe. Both men preach and propagate the false gospel of gain that Paul warns Timothy of in 1 Timothy 6.

They exploit many of you with false words, claiming of the gospel that which it doesn’t guarantee to give you, yet omitting that which it declares. They peddle the law, calling you out to give your tithes to their fiefdoms.

Creflo won’t be preaching Christ alone at IOC because that would cost his business money. He must peddle lies, to keep Creflo Dollar Ministries afloat. So he will concoct tales about how you must become wealthier because according to him that’s why Christ died. Though this is false many of you will for the umpteenth time believe the lie but you will leave IOC with a dollar less or dollars poorer because the wolf is on a mission to harvest your cash.

Ever since the end of the hyperinflation era around 2009, it has become a custom that the foreign preachers visit this country, Not that its bad thing, but this is a breed of thieves who happened to have spotted a good place to get a few ”blessings” from a gullible lot !

Talk of, Jakes, Murdoch, Joyce Meyer, Oyakhilome, Kolenda, Heward Mills, Robert Kayanja, Bushiri, T.B Joshua…

Of course once the multi-currency system became official, the wolves knew they would be a fat offering, a very FAT love offering especially having starved many of you of their presence for many years, many of you were willing to go to that place so as to catch a glimpse of your idols, and of course you left a few dollars at their altar.

Never mind what Bushiri and Mills told you about how they don’t need a cent from nobody. I say that’s a big lie for if indeed if these men needed nothing from YOU then Creflo Dollar should have financed the purchase of his private jet. Yet he was all out begging his “followers” for 65 million dollars to purchase a private jet. If you turn on Inspiration TV right about now you might just find The Big Boss Beggar himself: Mike Murdoch make claims about how His ministry is perfect place to seed money for that hundred or thousand fold blessing. In other words these false teachers WANT your cent and THEY NEED it to stay in the showman business!

I am yet to know why none of them ever stepped on this land when this country was at its worst. What kind of love offering would we have offered them? Speaking of which they would be no return on their “investment” since all we had to offer was just a load of useless Z$ banknotes!

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When the Atheist demands archaeological evidence for God…

UNBELIEVER: There is no archaeological evidence for God.

MBOFANA God is Spirit and He cannot be proven by archaeology, in terms of God’s actual existence He is apart from the universe not part of the universe. Secondly God is not dead, with remains somewhere in a tomb that He has to be dug up, so in earnest that claim shows that the person making the claim doesn’t even know what He means by “God”. This is why you must always ask any unbeliever what he means by God because clearly in this case the fellow does not have the slightest idea. Even if he knew then he knows the sound of the word not the essence of what the word means for if He knew the essence, he wouldn’t be asking for evidence.

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