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Zimbabwe Election quotes, tweets and Comments part 1

A Scare-crow is used to direct voters to a polling station in Buhera South. -Pic by Munyaradzi Chamalimba (courtesy of the Herald Zimbabwe)

A Scare-crow is used to direct voters to a polling station in Buhera South. -Pic by Munyaradzi Chamalimba (courtesy of the Herald Zimbabwe)

Hailleh Majoka Chinoenda magetsi kwete mdara!

Justin Vhori The only one thing that I would like to warn them, is that nomore re-run of election, because elections are costing too much money.

Don’t know whether to watch tv, stay on twitter, facebook, eat, pray or what! Very fidgety! Fingers crossed too! #ZimDecides #ZimElections

Truthiness Hondo (comment on the Zimbabwe Election live blog,
They find Mugabe more entertaining as his stance always draws controversy. He is one of the most interesting political figures in Southern Africa

RT @kudadex
I was amused yesterday and day before to see AU observers busy having a good time kuhuku… where they observing the chicken? #zimdecides

RT ‏@barrymanandi
If ever there was a day to book an advert during the Main News, it was today. More eyeballs than ever… #ZimDecides

‏RT @rangamberi

Zimbos are divided over everything. Can’t even agree on a hashtag. There’s the #ZimElections faction and the breakaway #ZimDecides faction


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My thoughts on the dishonest Warid forever bonus Ad

I say the Warid advert is outright mischievous  in as much as some think its creative. The fellows who made the advert  for  Warid  compare marriage and complex  human relationships to mere telephone talk time a.k.a  Warid forever bonus, outright ridiculous isn’t it . The irony is, just  months after the advert was made, Warid and its bonuses where swallowed by rival Airtel.

So nothing lasts forever after all, even lies don’t last that long. Its highly likely fellows who made that advert will say, “well the advert caught the attention of so many people”. Yes, the purpose of many adverts is to get people talking, but sometimes, The commercial aspect of things must play second fiddle  to the natural order of things.

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Profiteering has no room here

Last week on Tuesday while on assignment at some fashionable hotel in town, I decided to get myself airtime. To my surprise the man at the counter asked me to pay SSP11 for a SSP10 scratchcard. “Transaction cancelled”, I told him.

One pound is not much to make noise about, is it?  But then there is an old woman somewhere who just does not have an extra pound.  What you see is what you should pay, however some vendors have changed that to; what I say is what you should pay.  Such as the above practice is proof of the little disease affecting our private sector, it’s called profiteering.

Profiteering is a disease that really makes people, especially certain business people think they need to own all the money in the world, They are always looking for ways and excuses to charge extra for anything they sell, even if they orderd it for a price next to nothing.

Probably mobile operators need to increase on the amount of commission they give to vendors. Maybe vendors need something well beyond the average 10% commission mobile operators’ offer to vendors as commission especially to those who sell airtime outside Juba.

Mobile operators need to play a much more active role in the distribution of their products right up to our villages. That way, mobile operators who are so keen on protecting their reputation will not fleece consumers.

Airtime vendors are never short of excuses. Airtime vendors are always ready to give you a snaky lecture as to why they sell airtime and simcards for a little more than the prescribed price. Reasons range from a falling South Sudan Pound, transport expenses to and form distribution points.

The conversation will not be complete without the airtime vendor mentioning Panthou/Heglig as an excuse for why he is sells simcards for more than he ought to sell them, well the moment a vendor makes mention of the warzone, he may start to stammer and you can tell there is something fishy about his explanation.

It occurred to me that most of the time people talk about corruption and always make reference of the government and yet private businesses are rarely scrutinized.

If a hotel can make you pay more than what you are actually supposed to pay, what makes you think that the hotelier will not lie to you that the bed sheets you are lying on are clean and yet the night before, the very bed sheets you are about to sleep on got soaked in pee like a dyper, but never got washed?

If business people can make consumers pay more for little things like airtime, what will stop them from coming up with inflated quotations and deceitful invoices?

Profiteering is real, but the question is just how many people pay for what they are not supposed to pay everyday in this country? Just how many free gifts like mosquito nets are being sold those who are supposed to be getting them for free? Just how many people die because someone intentionally inflated the price of some very essential service somewhere for no other reason other than to make the extra cut?


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The 4 Golden rules of Facebook

In this post I bring you the 4 golden rules that you can take heed of to keep your relationship with friends online as good as it should be.

Rule No.1

Thou shall not assume my status update is a veiled attack on YOU

Many a times relationships have been destroyed because someone decided to post something that sounded like it was directed at a friend. Well the point here is, just because you quarelled with her yesterday, it therefore does not mean she is hitting you back on facebook, so if you are the one posting something, please consider friends too, because without them you would not been on facebook

Rule No.2

Anything posted on Facebook can mean anything

Friends sometimes have a tendency of writing anything on facebook, Should you come across anything on facebook and you are totally clueless do not be so sure, about what it could be, Take it as it is, but remember anything posted is a reflection of what they carry in their head, rest assured if they post about dinosaurs, then definately they could be posting updates from a time machine.

Rule No. 3

Your posts are a reflection of what your head is carrying

What’s on your mind? Whoever came up with that question knew that facebook was going be a site for humans who have a mind and thoughts that need to be expressed. Many people express themselves so well on facebook to the point of forgetting that certain things should remain hidden in their head away from the public.

Rule No. 4

Facebook is your new C.V

Depending on how much of a “facebooker” you are and unless you do not really care about securing another job or deal, then you do not need to bother about what you post, however if you really care then you should know that of recent more employers are making use of facebook to peep at potential employees like You, depending on your privacy settings, chances are that they will land on your wall sooner or later and notice something really crazy like: a post in which you cursed your former boss. Guess what you could send a potential employer thinking twice about you no matter no good anything else about you might be.



6 Success Secrets of Peak Performers

 by Imakando Musho


Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity of spending most of my time with two superstars from my home country who have made exceptional achievement s in both their careers and their personal lives both having left lasting marks on the Zimbabwean entertainment industry.

One made her mark as the first person to be invited in a regional talent show where she did exceptionally well whilst the other was the front man of a Hip Hop band that broke the tradition of an audience used to traditional music and American RnB.

As I have separately spent time with the two of them, I have noticed similarities in how they handle their business, their attitudes towards what they do. I have growingly become convinced that this is the secret to their success.

My conviction was further supported by the numerous interviews, articles and biographies I have read of exceptional superstars from business, technology, leadership and entertainment. I therefore decided to put together the characteristics that I found common to superstars that we can all use to enhance our lives and live our best lives.

1. Hard Work

The one thing that is most common with superstars is their obsession with hard work. Taking action yields results but extra effort yields exceptional results. Superstars push themselves constantly seeking new ways of innovation.

They work for hours at ends taking as little rest as possible until a task is finished. And when we now see the work it seems as if it was an easy task yet there were numerous hours put in to bring out the product

2. Passion

Superstars are driven by passion for what they do. I would define passion as a deep love for something that one does. Steve Jobs had a deep love for technology and constantly found innovative ways to transform and challenge the boundaries that had previously been set. Robin Sharma has a deep passion for self help and helping leaders around the globe become their best.

My two friends are passionate about music that there probably is no life for them. Passion allows you to focus on one thing and when that happens, you grow and become the best at what you do.

3. No Compromise on quality.

The difference between superstars and the average man is their insistence on quality work. While most non achievers compromised on quality, superstars expect the best quality in whatever they do even If that would take in more money, time or as mentioned above, a little extra work.

You can deliver what you presume to be your best idea or product into which you put in your most exceptional effort yet if it doesn’t live up to their standards, your work is unacceptable. There is no consideration whether you are a friend, family or the best at what you do; quality is not a compromise.

4. Constant reinvention

Superstars do well understand that the times change and that they change fast. Madonna, Cher and Bon Jovi are the best example of reinvention. They have remained relevant to different generations. One of the things average people fail to do is failure to move with the times.

During the infamous decade long Zimbabwean recession many businesses folded not because the economy was difficult but because they failed to devise new ways of keeping relevant in that time.

Those that changed their ways to fit in the difficult times remained relevant sometimes recording profits. Superstars understand that the world is constantly shifting and therefore the old way of life has to be challenged, alas, without changing losing our principles.

5. Teachability

Because superstars are constantly trying to reinvent themselves, they become natural students, learning everything that comes their way but taking that which is necessary to the growth and agrees with their belief.

They understand that although they are at the top, they have not mastered everything and do not see everything the way it is supposed.

They are adverse readers reading on diverse topics and have constant sessions with market leaders, spiritual gurus and trends analysts seeking ways in which they can push boundaries and be the best at what they do.

6. Humility

Humility is the root of teachability. Most superstars I have had the opportunity to be acquainted with are humble. Although they may present themselves as otherwise in the public for commercial and privacy purposes, their friends and family will testify otherwise.

I have watched my friend bring the house down with her exhilarating performances and yet as soon as she was of the stage she still remained humble using words such as ‘please’, ‘may’, and being as considerate as she could to the technical staff. Mesmerized, I asked her why the humility and she said something that made me think.

‘The people around me know what I have but if I rub it in their faces, they will leave and these are the very people who keep me grounded lest I lose myself in my success.’ These lessons can be applied by anyone who wants to become a major force in whatever business they are involved in, at whatever discipline they want and I believe they are principles that can be applied by anyone who is starting and hoping to make it big or one who is already there but still wants to remain the best at what they do. Live your best life now Imakando Musho

—- Imakando Musho is the founder of the ArchAngel Foundation, A non profit organization that is committed o fighting poverty in rural and urban Zimbabwe. He is a passionate about theater, music and motivating others to give their lives a meaning. He Blogs here: Giving Life a Meaning yo can also follow Imakando Musho on Twitter


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Why philanthropy is good for your personal brand image

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My confession


You are the secret that I cant hide anymore

You are the one I saw

It wasnt in a dream

As sure as I was

I vanished on that rainy day,

only to find you by the riverside

Since that day till now

I wonderd and I need an answer

As sure as Iam

This is my great confession

Sometimes things are not what they seem

But right about now

I believe what i saw

I know its true

Its is all that I see

Its all I feel

I believe in passion

I am passionate about thee

It must be you and no one else

Now on

You are the one

Whose field shall produce

whose seed I shall give to thee

Let the generations that shall come after your sons rule the island


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My 5 Declarations for November

1. I shall not blame Jack, Jill, the government, the tax department, politicians for any misfortune. I shall make use of what i own, so I can accomplish my purpose.

2. I shall carry nothing other than that which I need to accomplish my purpose, i shall remind myself that I am not a jack of all trades.

3. I shall take responsibility for all that I am supposed to, I shall account for every moment take a breath. Today is the tomorrow I eagerly waited for last night.

4. I shall not run away from reality. I shall face the truth for that is how radical people live.

5. I shall do all that I am supposed to do, when I am supposed to do it. I shall fight procrastination with enthusiasm.

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The 5 Twimbos you must follow

In this post, I bring to you the 5 twimbos, that is, Zimbos on twitter who I found interesting.

The following twimbos tweet  inspiration. One is a Senior Pastor, Two of those in the list are motivational speakers.

The other is a start up consultant, The last is Tendai Sean Joe.

Milton Kamwendo


The Innov8 Group Chief Inspiration Officer, His tweets loaded with wisdom never cease to flow. Milton lives to inspire people to greatness. His tweets are loaded with calls for action.




Rabison Shumba

Rabison Sumba is the author of the Greatness Manual, His tweets are worth reading, good for breakfast I should say.

“You can only aspire to the level of your exposure. Success therefore demands an enlarged exposure to situations that challenge your present…” Rabison Shumba




Tom Deushcle

Senior Pastor of Celebration Ministries International, Inspirational tweets through the daily affirmations theme.




Max Soutter

Max preaches start-ups and more startups, no wonder the name of his company is  Bizsetup Group, With Max you will start up, just that Max  doesnt tweet so often but rest assured when you get his tweets you will start up!




Tendai Sean Joe

Tweets without a break, humour here and there, Some advice that could come in handy. Tendai talks about anything on how to eradicate the problem of street kids to how people can have better relationships.



The brand called you.

The brand called you.

Ever wondered who you are? You are different which means that difference inside of you is for a purpose. Hence every one of us has to accept any difference in the next person.

Everyone is a brand; branding has become synonymous with large business corporations. All these brands are known for something.

Branding extends to people as well. It’s almost hard to imagine Michael Jackson playing rugby because he had become an established brand in music.

According to Dan Schawbel Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others.

As a brand, we can leverage the same strategies that make these celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others.

We can build brand equity just like them.Personal branding is all about creating a you who focuses on a certain mission in life.

That’s what great brands are made of: focus. They are a sum of all desirable things, a sum of all good things they can offer.

Never underestimate the power of impressions because that’s all which can either make or break a brand.

Friends and foes are looking at what you do all the time, and that’s what they are going to use to give you that contract, that job or that deal you have been waiting for.

That handshake, that deodorant, that necklace and that status update on facebook that tweet, the kind of photos you post online.

All of the things above have an impression that can either enhance or degrade your image.

Work to enhance your image. It’s important to focus on one particular thing you are good at, one thing you are passionate at and have that as your purpose.

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