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Girl requires SSP10, 000 for life saving surgery

Seventeen year old girl, Duni Poni Bashir needs Ten thousand South Sudanese Pounds to go for a life saving operation on her right lung in Kampala in Uganda.

Ten Thousand pounds is set to cater for all the medical operation on Duni’s lung and medication after the operation. A fraction of funds will also carter for Duni’s transportation by air as she cannot travel by bus due to the unstable condition that she is in.

I visited Duni at ward 4 in Juba Teaching Hospital; visibly in pain, in my presence she coughed loudly at intervals, consequently interrupting her rest. Duni looked weak as she lay in her bed.

Apparently; sickness had affected her appetite for food, she could not even finish eating her lunch as she lay in bed. Her mother says she fell sick a while after she had undergone the operation on her leg in Khartoum in May this year.

Duni’s parents and relatives have not been able to raise all that money by themselves hence, they are requesting for assistance from members of the public.

Medical documents availed to me showed that Duni has water in her right lung. Those who may want to get more details about Duni’s condition in order to assist her can call Duni’s mother on 0956590255

It is our duty to save such children like Duni for they are constitute our hope for the future, it is an opportunity for those who champion girl child rights to prove their total commitment to those ideals they profess.

It’s everyone’s right to life, Its Duni’s right to life.

Haunting stories from Ward 4, can we save the women?

When I got to Ward 4, Juba Teaching Hospital little did I know I would come to appreciate life much more. It came to my attention many beds were empty at the ward. I asked myself if empty hospital beds meant all was going just fine.

Not quite, because before long someone was already saying something to me as she pointed torwads an empty bed… “Just next to that bed where Duni is sleeping, is an empty bed”, I was later told that a lady had died while sleeping on the bed the previous day.

It’s said the lady who had died was HIV positive. The lady was brought to hospital by friends, who never came back to check on her, relatives never turned up to check on her, She died.

Just opposite Duni’s bed was a lady with diabetes. She was asleep.

Two beds away a loving husband held his dear wife in his arms. The right side of the woman’s body was totally paralyzed. The husband did all he could to feed his wife.

His wife slowly ate the portion made up of beans and posho, without much difficulty however. A few days later his wife was dead, she had not been able to withstand the sickness.

ESAD appeals for assistance

John Sebit from ESAD (Equatoria States Association for the Disabled) is appealing to members of the public for donations. Members of the public can donate clothes that he says will be given to less advantaged people with disabilities during the International Day of People with disabilities in December.

This time ESAD chose to stage the commemorations in Yei as a way to give people in the remote counties a chance to be part of the celebrations unlike in previous years when celebrations where staged in Juba.

Members of ESAD will leave Juba on the 20th of November


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With this ordeal, are we ready for emergencies?

It was an afternoon of 3 August last week; a few metres from my window, a young boy slept under the shade of a tree, in a dirty t-shirt and dirty blue jeans. He slept on the ground, he needed some help; I quickly left the comfort of my room to get a closer look at him.

I spoke to him, but the young boy was so weak that he could not answer, before long froth began to come out of his little mouth. Being of little knowledge concerning all things medical, I was alarmed. I thought the implications of foam coming out of the mouth must have been terrible.

Two fellows came up, students to be precise; advised me to stay away lest the boy dies while I am close, consequently the complications of being witness to the death of a human might arise.

Someone else advised us to take the little boy to the police, but it would have been the most illogical thing, for he needed to be rushed to the hospital fast, He needed medical attention there and then.

I rushed back into the house, mum stood there and tears flowed, I hit a plan and so I took my pouch where I keep business cards, of various people who work in various organizations that purport to support vulnerable children.

I called JCCP, since they are one organization which had always visited our area in an effort to help street boys out. I got on the line spoke to one of their personnel; He spoke to me like concerned citizen hence I thought JCCP would send a vehicle to take the little boy to the hospital.

Of course that was just my imagination; no vehicle came to take the boy to hospital. I tried calling various other organizations. In all that I did I made use of a directory for contacts from all those ‘million’ business cards of mine where of no use by then.

I also called an official from the Ministry of Social Welfare and Gender to notify him of my predicament. By that time I was getting impatient for all those who I had called; who profess love for children had not come to the aid of the little soul.

It was ten past two, as I searched through the directory for vital contacts I failed to get the contact to the hospital, I am referring to Juba Teaching Hospital much to my chagrin for I had expected to see it right in that directory. I called the directory hotline, on the other end was a lady who answered in a polite manner.

I asked the lady if she could give assist me with the telephone contacts of the hospital, particularly the emergency ward. The lady told me that in her earlier attempts to have the vital contacts of the hospital published in the directory for the benefit of the public; she was told that the hospital telephone numbers where confidential, hence the vital contacts where never published.

I rushed outside to check on the boy, the situation was getting more desperate, that boy must have been in pain, for he twisted and turned, before long he was very weak, the twisting and turning was no more, I still could feel his breath, checked his pulse, there was still hope.

Here I was stuck with a little man who could not say a word due to sickness.  I enquired from a few street boys nearby as to the origins of this young boy. I was told the boy had come from Kapoeta.

His origins at this time where not important anyway, I blamed myself for wasting time. So I hit my final plan, I managed to convince an older street boy to help me carry the boy to hospital, he agreed.

Hospital was far, Its Hai Malakal we are talking about here, so we got two boda’s one on which I carried the little boy who by now was in a very pathetic condition, Thank God the young boy was breathing.

We got there in a few minutes, and so I rushed around the reception area carrying a soul that was too weak to notice, somehow he was still breathing. We managed to get the young boy attended to. At that instance as he lay on a bed he opened his eyes.

He was well; we later got to know from the boy that he hails from Terekeka, name? James Peter, Age? 5. We managed to get him admitted into the children’s ward. Apparently he needed energy so Intravenous therapy (drip) was administered.

At that instance I was already sweating, tired and hungry, but all in my fatigue I asked myself if anyone cared. The worst against the young boy, Saviours abound in many forms, sizes and names all over the land, and not one could salvage the soul from the jaws of the unknown.



Free us from bromide and dirty water tankers

Having been told that some of these bakeries make use of bromide instead of yeast, I never cared really because I never thought it mattered.

A few days later something happened, after having bought at least a hundred litres of water from a water tanker, I was surprised at its taste and smell; well it was just like I was drinking oil, chlorine tablets really did not help.

I wondered could it be that the water tank was once used to transport fuel, oil or some oily commodity. I am talking about that dark oil used in cars and a whole lot of road monsters.

 I could not get the answers, by the time I was in wonderland, the tanker was gone and here I was, stuck with a drum full of oily water.

Oily water, bromide, all into your stomach, I do not want to sound like an alarmist but its alarming never the less. It makes us wonder if all we eat is safe at all. One even starts doubting mineral water, the chapatti, and a whole of food in town.

As for bromide, it was much later, that I learnt of the immense health risks associated with it that I decided to get scared, and quit eating bread.

According to medical experts intake of bromide increases the chances of getting thyroid problems and breast cancer among other ailments. In short Mr. Bromide is not your friend.

I know a thousand other souls have ever heard about bromide and oily water if not worse things, but they don’t care because hunger and thirst ought to be dealt with, bread fills the tummy in a big way.

With so many bakeries and variety of delicious cakes, bread, muffins and doughnuts, you cannot tell who uses bromide and who doesn’t, It all tastes good, so the question is: who should be inspect and regulate these bakeries?

Who is supposed to inspect water tankers to make sure we don’t drink dirt. Chlorine tablets are fine, but that’s no reason why someone should sell you and me oily water.

Somebody, independence is here, free us from trouble, free us from ailments, free us from dirt.

  Free our Security Guards

Why Human Rights activist in this country fellows never talk about the ills within the private sector is something we will never know. Take for instance the case of many security guards in the land. While Ministry of Labour regulations have it that all employees including security guards should work for eight hours each day, and get paid for the extra hours they may work. Security guards in certain firms, within this country work for twelve hours each day but they do not get paid for overtime. I spoke to two security guards, who confirmed that other than not being paid overtime, certain security firms do not even provide training for their guards and yet the guards are expected to carry out their duties professionally. So why is it no one never comes out to condemn companies that exploit consumers and workers,

 We would like to think that criticizing government attracts more funding from “development partners”, while criticizing private sector does the opposite.

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Why they do not know

Last week I enquired from a County education director, as to the number of children that had dropped out of primary schools within his own county, he did not know, and he was not about to give me the slightest idea.

What do you pay a country education director to do, except that he should be a man of passion and knowledge at his/her job?

Days later at a workshop, going by her question some lady from a commission wasn’t even aware of the associations that her own commission is supposed to liase with, it’s possible she was still new so she was still green about everything.

The two scenarios got me thinking and asking myself as to why certain officials may not know the things that they are supposed to know within their own spheres of action.

Generally, an official forgetting seemingly small details is a normal occurrence, the justification being, like all of us he is a human with shortcomings like the rest of us.

From my own observation, its worth sympathizing with some officials, the numerous workshops these people attend are not really helping matters. With these capacity building, and consultative workshops all over town we expect a higher level of awareness.

No wonder Kosti Manibe wiped out the operating budget for workshops in the recent budget.

Since the whole process of reading volumes of reports made by private organisations and individuals is tedious work in itself, it is possible some officials maybe lazy to get such information from reports that they cannot care to verify.

Besides some of these people may be bombarded with reports and more of them by private organisations to the extent they may not know what to do with them.

The question then is, is it of any of our business to know who forgets what and when, especially when worse things are happening elsewhere.

If a county education officer does not have the slightest idea in numerical terms of school dropouts within his area of operation, what makes us believe he can manage his own office well? Will he remember how much his office used while he speaks on the podium?  If the head of a county department does not know, then who is supposed to know?

It is possible, service delivery will be affected in a great way when we have people in positions that they can’t justify being in, especially when they choose to be ignorant about issues that they are supposed to be conversant with.

Comrades It’s worth spending time, reading a paper or two, our markets are awash with newspapers, listen to local radio, watch local television, information is everywhere.

The onlooker does not want to ask you as to when South Sudan gained independence and you fail to answer.

The luxurious ICC hotels (sorry prisons)

Charles Taylor

The Onlooker is a fan of justice however when justice seems to serve the villain much more than the victim, we refer to it as ICC justice. Looks like prosecuting ICC suspects costs much more than actually compensating victims, and did you know the prisons to which these fellows are something their own victims can dream of living in. Just take for instance Charles Taylor. The Evening Standard reports that Taylor is set to serve his sentence in glamour, in a British prison where he will be able to read daily newspapers, sleep in a comfortable bed, watch TV and play whatever games he may wish. He may also end up making so much money by writing his own biography which would earn him millions of dollars. And he could also, if he so wished study for a doctorate in criminology. How much did that trial cost, If I may ask, its estimated 200 million dollars was used in the process to prosecute Taylor.

It’s bad if it’s African huh?

According to a recent report by a certain organisation, some tribes in South Sudan encourage premarital sex hence unwanted pregnancies thus hampering girl education. I am not qualified to comment at length on the report, since I am not an expert at such matters, but strange enough, town is awash with porn movie DVD’s on display, just go there and see who buys them. Just asking, doesn’t porn encourage premarital sex, prostitution and just as much unwanted pregnancies resulting in girls leaving school or is porn a lesser evil and modern than the cultural practice of encouraging premarital sex?

 Budget eats workshops

With workshops, seminars, conferences wiped off 2012/13  budget, the news is, workshops that used to chew part of the national budget are no more, hope no one will try to sneak workshops into the budget before is passed

Organizations whose sponsors are austerity proof will continue trickling into hotel conference rooms around town. The core business of some organizations is conducting workshops. The finance minister knows better, workshops are not the core business of government. Many of these workshops are not useful. Check out South Sudan 2012/13 budget statement; I repeat, the budget has “eaten” the workshops.

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Street Voices

PROFITEERING WITH SIMCARDS Airtime and simcard vendors sold sim starter packs at double the price well before inflation had eroded much of our income; Grace thinks this country has allowed profiteers to get away with their misdeed. Grace even thinks if the current trend goes unchecked, simcard vendors will use the current price hikes to justify a fresh wave of simcard price hikes to unjustifiable levels.

SERVICE DELAYED IS SERVICE DENIED George Lagu wants to know why the MTN customer care centre hibernates at 5 pm, “the truth be told, as a customer I buy airtime, send messages, and make calls over the MTN network beyond 5 pm, George adds that a while ago he called the customer care centre at 7pm, “however I found the prerecorded information quite insufficient for my purposes thus opted to connect to the customer services representative, and this is all I heard  was; “call between 8am and 5 pm”

JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED Addis church was demolished in 2009 and since then the matter has been in the courts, but then subsequent court hearings are have yielded nothing, Could this be a land grabbing gimmick Pastor Andrew asks and adds that some land development company has already put up a post on the piece of land informing passers by of their intention to develop a stadium and a shopping mall.

ANOTHER VIEW President Kiir this time is threatening to have all those crooks exposed, Hope Chichaya thinks the greatest enemy to development is not just absence of…. formal and informal institutions. Rather he believes the prevalence of human selfishness & greed is what led the looters into ransacking state coffers.

OUR COMPOUND IS NOT A TOILET Could someone explain why certain grown up people who should be setting a good example, are seen  “easing” themselves within the compound belonging to Dr. Garang Secondary School in Hai Malakal, Marko thinks; perhaps the police and the city council at least should make offenders pay a fine or do community service as punishment to discourage the vice.

TIME LOST IS NEVER REGAINED Will someone please explain if former students from the private institutions that got closed, will be allowed to continue with their courses of study in public institutions, after all, public institutions of higher learning are also closed. “What about the precious time we spent”, Rueben Riak a former student with Supiri Institute of Management wants answers.  


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