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Christ, real historical fact, not mere myth!

Have you ever been confronted by non believers? who claim that the basis for the Christian faith is a myth.

 Many non believers out of pure hatred for the faith will say such things even though they themselves either have biased evidence against Christianity or no evidence at all.

On 20th November 2016 Va Ndoro in His article “Religion incompatible with truth, science” he wrote ” Christianity is based on assumptions. That is, according to Va Ndoro, Christianity is based on mere claims that are not backed by proof. We Christians take the Person, Ministry, Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ, to be basis for our Faith.

According to Va Ndoro therefore Christ is a mere assumption, they is no proof that He was ever born, lived, died & resurrected. According to Va Ndoro Christ never had a ministry, he never did what the bible says He did, in fact Va Ndoro indirectly attacks #Scripture for Scripture in its entirety points to Christ.

Therefore since Va Ndoro says Christianity is based on assumptions, what this means is that The Ministry, Life, person, death, resurrection, teachings, gospel of Christ is a mere assumption without #proof and therefore a lie. Wait a minute dont we have proof for Christ, also what kind of proof does Va Ndoro need?


The valid form of proof that Va Ndoro requires must be from actual experience or observation. That is va Ndoro implies that Christ will only be real to Him if Science can prove, this is despite the fact that science uses inductive logic which draws probable not certain conclusions based on what the premises provide evidence for.

Now the the birth, life and ministry of Jesus Christ is a historical fact, but since Va Ndoro wants only evidence in form of things He can touch, sniff, see, hear and taste, he wont accept historical facts as valid evidence no matter what source shows it to have been a real event in history. Since Historical events themselves can neither be tasted, sniffed, seen, heard or touched, Va Ndoro being an #empiricist will not accept the Historical Jesus.


When Va Ndoro says that Christianity is based on assumption what he actually means is that Christianity is based on claims that cannot be proven by empiricism. Therefore what He means is:

Claims that cannot be proved by observation are false

The basis of Christianity is a claim that cannot be proven by observation

Therefore the basis of Christianity is false.

Clearly Va Ndoro is being inconsistent, here is why: He discounts historical accounts of Jesus in His articles as mere myths not worth taking any look into.

 Yet Va Ndoro Himself explains the word “truth” according to how its essence was named and explained in extinct languages such as Sanskrit, ancient #Egyptian… The question is, how did Va Ndoro prove that indeed these languages once found use in the past? Its quite obvious that Va Ndoro read history books or referred to authors who made use of historical records to prove that Sanskrit and Ancient Egyptian are ancient languages. Va Ndoro would love to believe that #Sanskrit was once a language found on the face of the earth, that is a Historical fact. Yet Va Ndoro discounts Jesus in spite of overwhelming evidence in historical records chief of which is the bible.

Enough of the illogical and and therefore invalid objections of Va Ndoro, Below is what Charles Spurgeon says about the #resurrection.

“The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is one of the best attested facts on record. There were so many witnesses to behold it, that if we do in the least degree receive the credibility of men’s testimonies, we cannot and we dare not doubt that Jesus rose from the dead.

 It is all very easy for infidels to say that these persons were deceived, but it is equally foolish, for these persons could not every one of them have been so positively deceived as to say that they had seen this man, whom they knew to have been dead, afterwards alive; they could not all, surely, have agreed together to help on this imposture: if they did, it is the most marvellous thing we have on record, that not one of them ever broke faith with the others, but that the whole mass of them remained firm.

We believe it to be quite impossible that so many rogues should have agreed for ever. They were men who had nothing to gain by it; they subjected themselves to persecution by affirming the very fact; they were ready to die for it, and did die for it. 
Five hundred or a thousand persons who had seen him at different times, declared that they did see him, and that he rose from the dead; the fact of his death having been attested beforehand.

 How, then, dare any man say that the Christian religion is not true, when we know for a certainty that #Christ died and rose again from the dead? And knowing that, who shall deny the divinity of the Saviour? Who shall say that he is not mighty to save? Our faith hath a solid basis, for it hath all these witnesses on which to rest, and the more sure witness of the Holy Spirit witnessing in our hearts.”

Charles H. Spurgeon, vol. 2, Spurgeon’s Sermons: Volume 2, electronic ed., Logos Library System; Spurgeon’s Sermons (Albany, OR: Ages Software, 1998)., No 66 (exposition)


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Tearing down the false doctrine pertaining Spiritual fathers

 Spiritual Fatherhood of mere men over other men is a heresy, It is a common feature of The New Apostolic Reformation, Word of Faith/ Prosperity Theology and Catholicism, but before we dismantle this lie into pieces we shall quickly make a summary of Matthew 23:7-10

Jesus certainly does not mean that we should not call our natural male parent father, Since God is Spirit its apparent that what Jesus means here is that we cannot call any man “Father” in reference to spiritual things, for the title father denotes authority and power, and in the spiritual sense none has authority and power except God.
 Matthew 23:9 certainly is not an isolated verse for in the veres after, Christ prohibits the desiples from accepting any title that defines them as Master for He alone is Master, thus Jesus actually warns the desciples from usurping His role. In the preceeding verses to Matthew 23:9, Jesus does expose Pharisees and Scribes as the ones who love to be called by titles that inflate their worth in spiritual matters.

The words of Jesus in Matthew 23:7-10 applied to the Apostles while castigating the Pharisees and Scribes for their own obsession over titles that inflated their worthless state to the level of God. 

We must never deceive ourselves to think that any body can NOW claim to be another man’s spiritual father or spiritual child, We are NOT to think of ourselves so highly that we think Matthew 23:7-10 applied only to them and not to us.

Ascribing the role of spiritual Father to a mere human is an an invention of the Pharisee who seeks to unashamadely inflate self worth. Guess who loves to inflate self worth? Its the Word of Faith Pastor, Prosperity theology proponent and The New Ager.

In fact its idolatry to think of a fellow man as a Spiritual Father, first of all its as good as thinking that a man can lead another into spiritual rebirth, yet this is false for Only the Holy Spirit can regenerate a human unto Spiritual Birth. 

Not only are “believers” manipulated by this obviously unbiblical doctrine, but Persons of the Holy Trinity are made mockery of.
Since spiritual growth and birth is attributed to a mere man, the work of the Holy Spirit in Regeneration is ignored, Since the human “spiritual father” is believed to have direct contact with God the Father, the mediatorship of Jesus Christ is ignored.

Since the “spiritual father” either claims or is said, by followers to have power to bless or curse, the Fatherhood and Sovereignity of God is ignored.

Thus the human “spiritual father” doctrine is an idolatrous doctrine that places man in the place of the Holy Trinity.

However despite the fact that scripture is clearly against this spiritual fatherhoood craze, ​ the spiritual fatherhood nonesense is to be found as doctrine in many churches. The Spiritual Father aspect is so essential to the sustainace of many churches. 

For instance Shepherd Bushiri makes a claim that a fellow false prophet Ubert Angel is his Spiritual father to whom he owes obidience, Ubert Angel & Emmanuel Makandiwa claim Victor Boateng as their spiritual father to whom they submit to, now the reason for this public display of respect and allegiance is the false prophet knows that once it appears that He is submissive to somebody prominent, his followers will not only submit to him but will unquestionably obey what he commands even if it does not measure up with scripture.

The Spiritual Father aspect enables the leader of a denomination to easily control, manipulate and control followers. Followers can easily be threatened with curses if they ever disobey the “spiritual father” who apparently is thought to be connected directly to God.

Obviously they will cite a lot of scripture, for instance they will cite the example of Elijah and Elisha, Some will attempt to use the example of Paul and Timothy, In the Old testament all the Prophets such as Elijah and Elisha are not a source of instruction in themselves rather they are pointers to the person and work of Jesus Christ in the Grand Plan of Redemption, thus Elisha and Elijah are shadows of He who is Greater than all of them.

The story of Elijah and Elisha is no basis for the spiritual father craze. Even Paul could not have ever caused the Spiritual Rebirth of Timothy; rather Paul was gifted in instructing Timothy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. No man can give another spiritual birth!

 A believer is born again of the Spirit. Thus no man can lay claim of the title Spiritual Father because no “prophet” “apostle” pastor or evangelist can cause spiritual birth of another man. Man may only be endowed with gifts of preaching and teaching not of causing spiritual rebirth.

Many who support this false doctrine of Spiritual fatherhood claim that God speaks directly to the spiritual father who happens to be the founder of the denomination on behalf of a whole denomination. This is utter nonsense, a doctrine that usurps Hebrews 1:1-2 which explains the fact that: In the days past at many times and many ways God spoke to our fathers in many ways but in our time He has spoken unto us in these lasts days by way of His son. So there is just no room for the man made spiritual father to again act as a prophet revealing unto us what God intends.

To claim that a church founder can hear from God directly on behalf of the congregation is as good as bringing back the Levitical priesthood yet fact is Christ fulfilled all the requirements of Law and is our High Priest. To claim that a church founder can hear from God directly on behalf of the congregation usurp the role of Jesus Christ as mediator between God and men because they is only one mediator between God and men and that is Jesus Christ.

The Prophets of the old and their prophecies specifically where as pointers to the ministry and work of Jesus Christ, Even the last of these prophets John the Baptist on being told that Jesus was amassing many followers He said “ I must decrease and He must increase” because He knew that His mission had been to point people to Christ, yet this is the very person that Jesus spoke of and said “ among all men born of women is none greater than John” The Apostles too where foundations of the church in that they explained further the doctrine [ teaching] that the church ought to follow in relation to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God being Sprit is the only one who can lay claim to this title of Spiritual Father. To claim Spiritual Fatherhood is blasphemy and lack of reverence for that which only God can do. Yet even after this explanation, someone will still argue and say interpretations differ. 
Yet let me state it here in no uncertain terms that scripture interprets scripture and to bring an idea into scripture from outside scripture is plain horrendous because all scripture is to be interpreted in light of Christ!
it’s very unfortunate that History is repeating itself, About 500 years the Christendom ascended into Reformation, God gave boldness to Reformers who rebelled against the overtly pagan and unbiblical practices of the Catholic Church. 
One of the most unbiblical practices of the Catholic Church, then and now is the fact that the papacy claims fatherhood of all Christendom on basis of obvious misinterpretation of Matthew 16:15-18. Matthew 16:15-18 says “He [Jesus] said to them, but who do you say that I am? Simon Peter replied, You are the Christ, The son of the Living God. And Jesus answered him blessed are you; Simon Bar- Jonah for Flesh and Blood has not revealed this to you but my Father who is in heaven. And I tell you are Peter, on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Now Catholics have always believed that Peter was the first pope, therefore every other pope is thought of and referred to as a successor of Peter thus they obviously take Matthew 16:18 where Jesus said “ on this rock I will build my church” to mean that Jesus was referring to Peter as the Rock and church as The Roman Catholic.

 The truth of the matter is that the rock that Jesus was referring to in Matthew 16:18 is the revelation that was given to Peter by God the Father as the basis on which He would build the church. The “church” in that verse is not referring to the Catholic Church or a particular denomination but the wholesome body of elect across the ages since the Apostolic age.

Attached to this false sense of fatherhood the papacy claims infallibility, Infallibility of the pope is the false and devilish doctrine of the Catholic Church which asserts that the Pope is not capable of error pertaining doctrine when He speaks in the capacity of his office as pope. This falsehood effectively contradicts the biblical notion that only scripture is sufficient & inerrant in all matters of Christian Faith and life.
Part of the heritage of all Protestants is to revere God and never usurp any of His roles like what the papacy and catholiscm do, yet many protestants are adamantly stuck to the falsehoods of “spiritual fatherhood”

Many Protestants today in an obviously state of zeal with little knowledge are ignorant of the History of the church since at least AD 70. Many in charismatic circles are only concerned with the history of their own denomination, many of these denominations are less than a 100 years old yet the history of new testament Christianity is over 1900 years old. Thus they so fall into heresy that Christians in the past stood against while missing out on a rich heritage of shared beliefs based on scripture that Christians in the past adhered to.

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Mvumo tinayo yekufumura dzidziso dzenhemha

Kufumura chiporofita uye dzidziso dzenhema, haisi mhosva. Rega nditaure ndichiti kufumurwa kwevaporofita venhema kunorwadza bedzi avo vanotevera vaporofita venhema. Haunga paridzi chokwadi chakazara usingapi yambiro kuvatereri pamusoro pema kava.
Va Kristu vose vakadanwa kwaari vanofanirwa kuziva zvose. Let me state it very clearly kuti Va Makandiwa na VaMagaya hapana shoko ravanoparidza, Bhaibheri mumavhesi aro ose rinotaurauye rakananga pana Kristu [ Johane 5:39, Ruka 24:27. Ukaona muparidzi achingizotorawo Kristu omukanda mumharidzo sechidhindo, ziva kuti wasangana nemuparidzi we fake. Dhavidha, Abhurahama, Boaz, Noah, Melchizedek, Elijah, Elisha, Sameri, Samson, Jonah vose vainongedza kuna Kristo, Chiporofita chose cha Testamente yakare chainongedzera kuna Kristo, Mutemo wa Moses wakazadziswa muna Kristo uye wainongedzera kuna Kristo, Zvibairo, Hupirisita hwechi Revi hwainingedzera kuna Kristo
Saka ukanzwa muparidzi oparidza kuti.bhaibheri rine.zvimwe zvarinotaura zvisiri zva Kristu arikureva nhema uye akafanira kuti afumurwe.
Pauro chaiye unotiudza muna 1 Timotio 6:5» kuti tingwarire avo vanoti vhangeri ndeyekutsvaga nayo mari, Uye Jesu chaiye unotiudza kuti vana kristu venhema vachava pakati pedu. Izwi rekuti “Kristu” rinoreva kuti uyo akazodzwa, Zvino ukaona vaporofita nevadzidzisi venhema vanozviti vazodziwa vanozodza zvibhotoro zve zvemafuta, ziva kuti paita mbavha ipapo nokuti kune munhu umwe chete wakazodzwa, uye akazodzerwa basa guru kusvika pakufa chaiko, Ndi Jeso chete, kwete Makandiwa, kana Magaya.

 Ko saka tingavaziva seiko vese ava kana tisinga wongorori vanoita zvisizvo nekuvafumura. Basa remufundisi ose ndereku dzidzisa makwai aShe nokua dzivirira kuti angwarire mbavha namakava akaita savana Va Magaya na Va Makandiwa, avo vanotsvaka kuzvipfumisa.

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So you saved yourself huh?

  1.  I hear often people brag about how they chose Christ by recititing some written down prayer, well I am yet to find biblical basis for the recital of a prayer as a prerequisite for quite never ends there, because they go on and on about how good they have been thus implying their good deeds are the partial cause of the reason why God saved them! Oh so you helped God, save you huh?

  2. Well thats interesting because all unregenerate me are dead in sin, and let me remnd you that a dead person cannot ressurect self, So if you where indeed saved, then something greater outside your power saved you..
  3. Ahh alluding salvation to your own choice this is as good as believeing that your good work of choosing Christ caused your salvation.
  4. The false belief that you caused your salvation is unbiblical and its tantamount to glorification of self, glorification of self is worship of self. Worship of self is idolatry. Idolatry is a sin!
  5. We are saved by grace and by grace alone not by our list of good works, its Grace that causes the good works to come forth! Not vice versa. By the way God saves by Himself unto himself for Himself.

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False Gospel, False interpretation, beware of Mr. Munyeza, my friends

A few months ago when bond notes were about to be introduced Mr. Munyeza likened the Army of Pharaoh to the economic crisis and poverty [probably in reference to the hyperinflation era], He also likened the Red Sea to bond notes, apparently this little allegory of His was based on Exodus 14 which describes the uncertainty Israel faced as the Egyptians pursued them from the rear while ahead of the Israelites lay the Red Sea.Being the head of an ecumenical body [EFZ], so full of men and women who have all sacrificed the truth of the gospel in the name of unity. Its clear many where deceived by Mr. Munyeza’s obvious misuse of scripture.

The story describing the uncertainty and miracle at the Red Sea does not signify economic or political problems rather the uncertainties signifies the great distress of the elect sinners deserving of destruction but are miraculously saved by God discriminating grace from destruction.

My friends, it does not matter how much you hate the present government, Fact of the matter is that you should not be using the characters, events and prophecies of the Bible to interpret news headlines and to settle your scores with the government.All Scripture bears testimony of God’s grand plan of redemption in the sinless life, ministry and more importantly the SACRIFICE of Jesus Christ all for the Glory of God. [ACTS 17:2, 3, 11, LUKE 24:27, JOHN 1:45, JOHN 5:39] The essence of truth is Jesus Christ, for Jesus is this truth, The essence of the Word of God is Jesus Christ who is referred to as the word of God that holds all things together in Collosians 1:17 and the very word of God that became flesh and dwelt among men in John 1.

Thus if we are to search for truth in the Bible we must be sure to find only Christ, If we are to search for God’s word to us in any instance we are sure to find Christ for its by Him that God has spoken to us according to Hebrews 1:1-2

This salvation of God is salvation of those that He has predestined, foreknown, called, justified and sanctified. The Elect are saved from sin and consequences thereof, its not salvation from political or economic turmoil, if it was the case then Jesus would have liberated Israel from the Roman Colonizers!

Thus to make the bible say something other than what it ought to say is tantamount to perverting the truth. ” He that perverts the truth shall soon be incapable of knowing the true from the false. If you persist on wearing glasses that distort, everything will be distorted to you” – Charles Spurgeon

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The Gospel is that serious?

The story of the Gospel is a serious story, its a story that has always caused the murder of so many people, think of how Stephen [ Acts 6,7,8] was killed because of Jesus Christ.
Not only was Stephen murderd, Peter, Thomas, Andrew, Nathanael, Matthew, James, Jude, Simon the Zealot, James the Younger, Phillip, Judas, and many other followers of Jesus Christ died horrible deaths!
In the course of History more people would get murderd. Reformers such as William Tyndale, John Hus where brutally murdered as punishment for promoting Christocentric Christianity as opposed to the falsehoods of the Papacy & Catholiscm.
What is it that they preached that warranted death? Peter, Paul, John the Baptist were not propagating a health and wealth gospel, they where not preaching and teaching people how to make more dime! Think about it for a moment, unbelievers thirst for material things and to them the gospel is foolishness but to us it is the power of God.

Thus the Apostles certainly did not appeal to the materialist instincts of the carnal man, but appealed to the elect by means of the proclamation of the gospel which God makes use of to call those that He has predestined unto ertenal life, In fact Apostle Paul warns Timothy in 1 Timothy 6 of false teachers who equate financial gain to godliness.

These men [ Apostles]spoke of Christ as Lord and King, Christ who suffered the wrath of God in order to pay for the sins of the elect, They declared the supremacy of God in all things. Thus where unjustly punished by haters of the gospel, who included those obsessed with the Law of Moses.

The Apostles where by the power of the Holy Spirit emboldened to proclaim Christ, thus all they wrote  showed us perfectly that all scripture is about Christ! The Bible is not a moral rulebook, Its all about Jesus!

[JOHN 5:38You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me]

[LUKE 24:27 And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself. ]

Thus as we study every verse and chapter let us understand that they is always a deeper meaning, This deeper meaning is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ

For example Melchiezedek is a shadow of  Christ, note how just like Christ who is without beginning or end, Melchiezedek also did not have either mother or father. We also find the story of Christ in Isaac, Isaac is a shadow of Christ as a sacrifice, Remember how God instructed Abraham was instructed to sacrifice Isaac, Just as God the Father would have His own Son Jesus Crucified to atone for the sins of the elect. David is a shadow of Christ as a King and reedemer, God promises David would rule forever and this was in reference to Jesus Christ. Boaz and Ruth are shadows of Christ and Church! Watch carefully how Boaz reedems Ruth just like Christ hass reedemed the church.

Thus we are not the ones who give a meaning to scripture, but all scripture inteprets itself in light of CHRIST!   

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Of grass eating congregants, spiritual ipads and anti demon insecticide

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December 3, 2016 · 6:34 pm

Does the misuse of the bible discredit the fact that its an inspired book?

It is true that many missionaries misused and misinteprted the message the bible but as I will explain below this does not amount into an objection against the fact that the bible is an inspired book and sole rule of faith, neither does this justify the mistaken notion that the bible is untrue or corrupt.I ask, if the bible is taken up by a plunderer, murderer and robber, do we dismiss the value of the bible on basis that it has been misused, do we therefore doubt the usefulness of the bible where it ought to be used in the manner it ought to be used simply because a murderer once misused the bible?

Many European missionaries who came to Africa also read, and did not understand the bible through its Christocentric lens, they intepreted the bible for Africans in such a way that they could get Africans to assent to exploitation by Europeans without ever rising gainst the opressors.

Years ago I dismissed Calvinism/ doctrines of Grace as an invention of the white supremacist largely because i first encounterd calvinism in historical accounts that suggested that the Dutch Reformed Church calvinist theology was partly responsible for apartheid in South Africa.

Obviously some early Dutch settler politicians and clergy where racist and kinist heretics, a coveteous lot in search of worldly riches hence ignored the Christocentric message of the bible [Luke 24:27, John 5:39, Acts 28:23, John 1:45 ] instead twisted the biblical doctrine of predestination & election to mean that they where the predestined elect of God with every right to exploit Africans.

The misuse of scripture does not however disqualify the inspirtation of scripture [ 2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:21 ] and its Christocentric message[ Luke 24:27, John 5:39, Acts 28:23, John 1:45 ] thus we cannot conclude that the bible is a terrible document on the basis of those who misintepreted it because they ignored the message and the intent of the Bible

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The False Gospel of good works

A gospel of good works is false.It is based on the assumption that your good works, actions, intentions  and innovation no matter how unscriptural, with a little “faith” can cause God to save you or to submit to your wishes howmuchever foolish. The false gospel of works is so prevalent and is the sure cause of all grass eating and insecticide use foolishness, It is also enriching many a false prophet.

The gospel of works runs contrary to the true gospel of grace. Jesus accomplished the work of salvation, you do not need a doom spraying prophet or a pope claiming he can forgive sin to dupe you. Our works and methods in whatsoever form will not make us any holier than the filthiest sinner.

This gospel of grace isnt for the mammon hunters either, because Jesus didnt die so you could accumulate more cash. The world has plenty people who are filthy rich yet they do not believe in Jesus, Go and join them if you need cash better than you need Christ, because the sacrifice Christ made wont offer you both mammon and ertenal life. Well salvation is salvation from the sin and its consequence which is ertenal death. He came to save those called by the Father from sin and He accomplished His mission so so well that you dont have to do anything to help. You neither need doom, grass, annointed objects nor a “priest” to declare you holy. Christ is enough!

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I subscribe to the biblical doctrine of Sovereign and Free Grace. God before time out of His Sovereign will chose unto redemption to eternal life certain people. This biblical dictrine will yield the following conclusion “We are saved by Sovereign Grace alone through Christ alone” justified by Faith alone which is a gift of God.. ..

The idea that God is sovereign  and therefore does as he pleases in relation to the salvation of men is offensive to many.

 People often assert in protest  “God hasnt chosen anybody, thereby implying that men can freely choose wether or not they want to go to hell”

Others ask, “whats the point of preaching if God has already chosen His own, To which I always “God uses the ministry of the preacher to draw His own unto Himself”

The idea of free will makes God weak, If you can decide what should happen in ertenity then God is no longer sovereign. The false idea of free will is effectively used by false teachers who without failure will always tell you that you can name it and claim as long as you want it

False teachers preach perfomance, and never preach grace, even when they preach grace its always conviniently mixed with perfomance. They preach works and more works as a means of salvation so that they can preach about how you must seed in their ministry to court God`s   favour. 
On basis of scripture, I always insist that works cant save nobody and this is the response I always get “Are you implying that good works cannot get God to save the doer  on account of His good deeds… To which I always reply “Our righteousness is as filthy, if not more filthy than rags..

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