We understand that Salvation is by Sovereign Grace Alone through Faith Alone in Christ Alone According to Scripture Alone all for the Glory of God Alone.

• We also believe that its important to emphasize the following point, because it determines how we largely interpret scripture. All scripture bears testimony of the work and person of Christ! Abraham, Noah, David, Elijah, Moses, Isaac, Aaron, Melchizedek, The sacrifices, The Levitical Priesthood point to Christ!

All OT prophecies point to Christ! Thus any preaching and teaching that does not lead to the work and person of Christ is not preaching at all, but a mere rendition of tales that are only for purposes of entertainment.

1.​Scripture & The Gospel of Jesus Christ

All scripture consisting of 66 books in both the OT and NT to the exclusion of the apocrypha is inspired and sufficient without error and has one message God’s Grand plan of Redemption through Christ, and Him glorified to eternity.

God`s Grand and Glorious plan of redemption has been revealed throughout history by way of Covenants. Man having broken the covenant of works in Eden, God instituted the Covenant of Grace promising the unconditional salvation of His elect. All post Edenic covenants such as the Adamic Covenant, Noaic Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant, Sinai Covenant, Davidic Covenant are progressive administrations of the Covenant of Grace and foreshadows of the Covenant of Grace that ultimately finds its ultimate expression and fulfillment in the New covenant, Therein God saves the elect by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone in Christ Alone for His Glory Alone.

Therefore we reject that any Covenants prior to the New Covenant are binding on believers rather we believe that they all find fulfillment in Jesus Christ for whom they where merely foreshadows. The nature of OT covenants though expressed in terms of a promised land do not point to an actual geographical location but to the Spiritual and heavenly Jerusalem. Israel in the Old Testament is represantative of the elect of God in the New Testament, the Church. Therefore we reject the falsehood that Abrahamic covenants and Mosaic and Davidic covenants find fulfillment in the State of Israel, rather, the truth is they find fulfillment in Christ Alone.

On basis of what scripture asserts pertaining intepretation we also assert that Scripture interprets scripture hence we are not to carry ideas outside scripture into scripture in order to make sense of difficult passages found in scripture. Difficult passages in scripture can be best understood in light of other passages found in scripture. Scriptture is to be interpreted in light of the rule of Faith. Scripture is our only Source of truth and instruction in all matters of Faith & Life.

The Scriptures reveal unto us How God has Glorified Himself through the person, Ministry of Jesus Christ in the Salvation of those that God already chose before the world was created. The Gospel is the Good news unto the elect wherein it is declared that God has chosen the believer by His Sovereign Grace, the believer is assured that God by His Love alone and has chosen Him not on the basis of His past works, future behaviour or whatsoever thing.

The Gospel declares that God the Holy Spirit regenerates or causes the believer to believe the gospel and turn away from His sin, and instead the beliver has faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, who bore the penalty for sin of the believer. The Believer thus having been adopted as a son, The Gospel declares that no matter the evil that is prevalent in the world and the pain, None of these things can cause the believer to ever lose salvation for God’s is so mighty and faithful to keep His children from falling.

2. The Nature of God, His Sovereignity, The Persons of The Holy God Head, The Ministry of The Persons of the God Head

God is three persons in one essence. The God Head consists of God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit. God is all knowing, All Present, All powerful, self sustaining and unchangeable. The God Head consisting of three persons thus is not three Gods as some insist. God being Spirit thus cannot proven by Scientific methods as most atheists demand. God is distinct from the universe and not dependant upon it. Thus God is not the universe but The Creator thereof. God created this universe in six days. We reject the falsehoods of evolution as put forwad by Charles Darwin.
The First Person of the GodHead is the Father who before the foundations of the world decreed and decided on who might be saved according to the secret counsel of His will. Those unto whom He gave the gift of ertenal life where nevertheless sinner unto whom Christ was given so that His sacrifice might pay for their sins.
The Second person of the God head is Jesus Christ, the son of God ertenally begotten of the Father, not created without beggining, without end. The Ministry of Jesus Christ is: He alone is mediator between God and men and His death was sufficient to atone for the sins of the sinners that God decided would get saved before the world began.
Therefore Ancestral Spirits, dead saints, Mary or whichever person other than Christ cannot act as Mediator. Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice that satisfied God’s inflexible righteous standard, thus was accepted as the only and final sacrifice for the sins of every believer. Therefore we reject every claim that man must suffer in purgatory to cleanse Him of sin. We also reject the claim that man continues to be reincarnated until He becomes so pure so as to be one with God. We reject that matyrdom in the name of God can ever be sufficient to pay for any man’s sins. Christ is the Head of the elect, the church.
Therefore we reject the falsehood that the pope is the head of Christendom, neither are the morden day “apostles” nor “prophets”. Christ is perfectly human and perfectly divine, thus Christ is God, We reject the falsehood that Christ was merely a great teacher in the same calibre as Bhuddha, Moses or Mohammed for Christ surpasses them all due to his perfectly sinless nature and His Divinity.
The third person of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit whose Ministry is to convict the Sinner of sin unto repentance. The Holy Spirit is the Witness unto Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirt also moved the authors of the Sacred Scriptures in their work of writing down the word of God. The Holy Spirit is a witness unto Christ and works within the parameters of scripture which in their entirety point to the New Covenant in which God has been revealed through the work, person & life of Jesus Christ. We reject therefore the falsehoods that Christ reveals other things outside the realm of scripture. We also reject the falsehoods that The Holy Spirit throws people around with His power.

3. Humanity

All humans regardless of age, race or gender have a mind, heart and will that is totally dominated by the effects of sin and sin itself, thereby by their own free will humans are unable to go to God unless God brings them to Himself. God in the time past by the wise counsel of His will chose certain people unto salvation and also chose certain men unto damnation all for His Glory. Those that God chose, Christ died fo their sins such that they may be counted as righteous on account of His atonement. God calls those He elected before the foundations of the world, having called them they are regenerated by the Holy Spirit unto faith and repentance. Having been given faith, the believer puts their faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ and is thus justified as righteous. Those justified are adopted as children and sanctified and will ultimately be glorified at the consummation of the age when our Lord and Saviour returns thus believers are ressurected and given new and immortal bodies. Therefore we reject the falsehoods that salvation is partially the work of God, who must rely on man to accomplish salvation. We also reject the falsehood that man is justified partialy or totally by works. We also reject the falsehood that sanctification is progressive, for the believer never becomes more or less sinful, more or less holy for to God they is no such thing as too much or too little sin. Rather God wants total holiness that is found only in Christ. The believer does not find justification in works but by believing in the person and works of Christ.

4. The Church, Israel, the marks of a true church and the perseverance of the true Church.

God saves Jew and Gentile by the same means of His Sovereign Grace and justifies by Faith in His son Jesus Christ, thus has always been one people, and one Sheperd who is Christ. In the Old Testament, God had a chosen people He saved by grace, to these people He gave types and shadows of the reality in Christ, and thus OT believers where saved by grace and justified by God given faith in Christ as represented by the types and shadows.
Christ is the seed of Abraham, by which all of the believers are saved by Grace. Christ is the Sabbath in which the believer finds rest. Christ is the Second Glory that surpasses the temple of Solomon. Christ is the Only Holy Place worth of pilgrimage.

Therefore we reject all attempts that point Christians to observance of the Law. We also reject the belief that Israel and the church are two distinct entities, for we know that the true Israel of God is the church that consists of both Gentiles and Jews whose circumcision is not of the flesh but the heart.
The New testament Church consists of both Jews and Gentiles who are saved by Grace and justified by Faith in Jesus Christ who has been revealed fully.
The invisible Church is the total number of elect across the world across all ages. Each church is to be governed by male elders who teach and guide the flock of Christ as shepherds not taskmasters and by way of the ministry of male deacons the physical needs of the local church are to be met.

The ministry of the word, the observance of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism are the three marks of a church. Baptism does not save anybody neither does it cause regeneration nor is it any more mysterious than being a symbol of the Believers death in sin with Christ and resurrection with Christ unto eternal life.

The Lord’s supper, wine and bread does not become either actual blood or actual flesh of Jesus Christ. The Lord’s supper is in remembrance of the atoning sacrifice that Christ was on the cross.

God grants his power to persevere unto those that are truly redeemed. God preserves the elect by directing every action in the universe that His creatures may fulfill the purpose for which they where created.

5. The End Things

The Literal thousand year reign of Christ began with His incarnation and will consummate at His second coming. Christ at this very moment is reigning over His kingdom. The millennium is the literal spiritual Reign of Christ on earth in the Kingdom, His church. We believe that the 1000 years of Revelation 20 are merely a symbolic and refers not to a physical presence and reign of Christ on earth.

We reject therefore the belief that Christ will return as a Political saviour of the State of Israel in order to inagurate the millenial kingdom. We also reject the falsehood that the Levitical priesthood, kosher laws, and sacrifices will be inagurated when Christ returns. Rather the truth is this: when Christ returns it shall be culmination of redemptive History. Christ is a fulfillment of the temple and is foreshadowed by the Law which He fulfilled so perfectly. Those who shall once more build the temple at Jerusalem, Those who shall offer sacrifices only do so as mockery to the finished work of Christ.