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The brand called you.

The brand called you.

Ever wondered who you are? You are different which means that difference inside of you is for a purpose. Hence every one of us has to accept any difference in the next person.

Everyone is a brand; branding has become synonymous with large business corporations. All these brands are known for something.

Branding extends to people as well. It’s almost hard to imagine Michael Jackson playing rugby because he had become an established brand in music.

According to Dan Schawbel Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others.

As a brand, we can leverage the same strategies that make these celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others.

We can build brand equity just like them.Personal branding is all about creating a you who focuses on a certain mission in life.

That’s what great brands are made of: focus. They are a sum of all desirable things, a sum of all good things they can offer.

Never underestimate the power of impressions because that’s all which can either make or break a brand.

Friends and foes are looking at what you do all the time, and that’s what they are going to use to give you that contract, that job or that deal you have been waiting for.

That handshake, that deodorant, that necklace and that status update on facebook that tweet, the kind of photos you post online.

All of the things above have an impression that can either enhance or degrade your image.

Work to enhance your image. It’s important to focus on one particular thing you are good at, one thing you are passionate at and have that as your purpose.


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