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The 4 Golden rules of Facebook

In this post I bring you the 4 golden rules that you can take heed of to keep your relationship with friends online as good as it should be.

Rule No.1

Thou shall not assume my status update is a veiled attack on YOU

Many a times relationships have been destroyed because someone decided to post something that sounded like it was directed at a friend. Well the point here is, just because you quarelled with her yesterday, it therefore does not mean she is hitting you back on facebook, so if you are the one posting something, please consider friends too, because without them you would not been on facebook

Rule No.2

Anything posted on Facebook can mean anything

Friends sometimes have a tendency of writing anything on facebook, Should you come across anything on facebook and you are totally clueless do not be so sure, about what it could be, Take it as it is, but remember anything posted is a reflection of what they carry in their head, rest assured if they post about dinosaurs, then definately they could be posting updates from a time machine.

Rule No. 3

Your posts are a reflection of what your head is carrying

What’s on your mind? Whoever came up with that question knew that facebook was going be a site for humans who have a mind and thoughts that need to be expressed. Many people express themselves so well on facebook to the point of forgetting that certain things should remain hidden in their head away from the public.

Rule No. 4

Facebook is your new C.V

Depending on how much of a “facebooker” you are and unless you do not really care about securing another job or deal, then you do not need to bother about what you post, however if you really care then you should know that of recent more employers are making use of facebook to peep at potential employees like You, depending on your privacy settings, chances are that they will land on your wall sooner or later and notice something really crazy like: a post in which you cursed your former boss. Guess what you could send a potential employer thinking twice about you no matter no matter.how good anything else about you might be.




The 5 Twimbos you must follow

In this post, I bring to you the 5 twimbos, that is, Zimbos on twitter who I found interesting.

The following twimbos tweet  inspiration. One is a Senior Pastor, Two of those in the list are motivational speakers.

The other is a start up consultant, The last is Tendai Sean Joe.

Milton Kamwendo


The Innov8 Group Chief Inspiration Officer, His tweets loaded with wisdom never cease to flow. Milton lives to inspire people to greatness. His tweets are loaded with calls for action.




Rabison Shumba

Rabison Sumba is the author of the Greatness Manual, His tweets are worth reading, good for breakfast I should say.

“You can only aspire to the level of your exposure. Success therefore demands an enlarged exposure to situations that challenge your present…” Rabison Shumba




Tom Deushcle

Senior Pastor of Celebration Ministries International, Inspirational tweets through the daily affirmations theme.




Max Soutter

Max preaches start-ups and more startups, no wonder the name of his company is  Bizsetup Group, With Max you will start up, just that Max  doesnt tweet so often but rest assured when you get his tweets you will start up!




Tendai Sean Joe

Tweets without a break, humour here and there, Some advice that could come in handy. Tendai talks about anything on how to eradicate the problem of street kids to how people can have better relationships.