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The tithing madness of Mr. Adeboye and RCCG

The madness continues! According to Va Adeboye without tithing you will not inherit eternal life[1]

In Mr. Adeboye’s words to leaders at RCCG “Go back immediately make it clear to them that anyone who is paying their tithe will not go to heaven”
In order to give weight to his claims Mr. Adeboye narrates the vision of hell that a certain man had wherein that vision he found a man in hell who then admitted that he had gotten to hell because His pastor had never taught him about tithing.

You can find the video here

If we go by Mr. Adeboye’s claims that those who don’t tithe are headed to hell together with those teachers that do not teach people about tithe, then it must be as a consequence that Paul, Peter and the rest Apostles who never left us a single instruction to tithe are headed for hell. Especially because the very apostles actually opposed tithe since they affirm that the believer is not under the law [including tithe]

The bible warns us against taking heed of cunningly devised fables, note here that Mr. Adeboye mixes his version of an unbiblical vision, a vision he did not experience himself with a biblical passage blown out of context in order to totally appeal to his audience.
That means that Mr. Adeboye believes in extra biblical revelations more than He believes in the bible or I should say He believes the bible only when it suits him and here is why i say so.
And yet is this not why we insist that scripture alone is to be the sole basis of our rule of faith and scripture must be understood in light of context for it to be understood correctly
He quotes Malachi 3 to prove his case and forgets context of the passage. Malachi 3 is a passage written to Jews under the law. This, Overseer Adeboye forgets furthermore He deliberately avoids passages that clearly show that the believer is not under the law. Mr Adeboye therefore selectively decides what to believe in the bible and this is a good sign that the man is a false teacher.
For to believe part of the bible is to believe not the bible but to believe self because the bible though made up many books, genres, verses and chapters, is to be taken as a unit. It must be understood as the wholesome word of God.
What this means is that, Malachi chapter 3 to which Overseer Adeboye appeals to must be understood in light of what the whole bible.
Here are 6 things that show that the pronouncements of Mr. Adeboye based on Malachi 3 are baseless, if not foolish.
We know that Malachi 3 was addressed to Israelites and not Gentiles. And that means the passage is not addressed to RCCG congregants.

We know that the Israelites to whom it was addressed where under the Mt Sinai Covenant and according to which tithe was mandatory. The New Testament church is not under this covenant and therefore the law of tithe does not apply

We know that Malachi 3, was addressed to the Levites, who having received tithe from the people where to get a tenth of that tithe to the storehouses so that the priests might have food Nehemiah 12:44. We neither have Levites nor storehouses in the New Testament church because Christ fulfilled the role of the Priesthood [ Hebrews 3:1, 4:14, 5:6, 5;10, 7;24 ] and since the Levitical tithe was for purposes of food, Christ does not need this food.

God required tithe in form of livestock or crops. Lev.27v30-33. Jer.33v13. Ez.20v37. RCCG demands your money

They where three forms of tithe, so which tithe is Mr. Adeboye demanding?

The poor tithe to be given every third year Deut.14v28-29 16v12-15,

The Levitical tithe designated to support the Levite Numbers 18:21-24.

The ceremonial tithe Deut.14v22

There was no tithing every 7th year and 50th year, for the land was to be allowed to rest

The Levitical tithe [Deut.14v28,29 and Numb 18v21-24,27 ] was to be received by Levites only, and when Christ came He did away with the Levitical priesthood, becoming our High Priest Himself.
And since Mr. Adeboye’s basis for tithe is Malachi 3, a passage for folks under the Law, let me hasten to remind the reader that the believer is not under the law! How do we know this?
For Christ is the end of the Law unto righteousness to everyone who believes [ Romans 10:4] but before we proceed with the explanation of how the law was abrogated according to the epistles…
Let’s begin in the book of Acts where Luke under inspiration shows us how Apostles agreed that the gentile was not under the Law.
Here is what Peter says:
In Peter said, “Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear Acts.15v10. The law includes tithe, and since Mr. Adeboye quotes Malachi 3, a passage that applied to people under the law, we also quote Acts 15v10 totally dismantles his tithe argument, by showing us that the law was totally abrogated, but there are more passages that show that tithe being part of the law, was done away with.

Hebrews 10:1 and Colossians 2:17 show us that the law was a shadow and a shadow that pointed to Christ. Tithe being part of this law was but part of the shadow and thus a shadow itself.
What this therefore means is that the New Testament believer is not bound to a shadow, because once the substance of what the shadow represents. Thus we cannot continue to obsess over a lifeless shadow. According to scripture the law indeed was a ministry of death and not life [ 2 Corinthians 3;6-9] and so surely shadows don’t give life but the substance of the shadow which is Christ gives life.

In fact in Colossians 2:16, Paul tells His audience not to be troubled by those who might want to torment them on basis of the law, and here though not mentioning tithe, he nevertheless mentions other parts of the law such as Sabbaths and festivals and since the law was a unit[ Matthew 5:19, Galatians 5:3, James 2:10, Therefore to break one rule was to break all of the law and so even when the law was done away with all of it was done away with as a unit.

Many more passages attest to the fact that the law was abrogated, such as Paul tells the Galatians in Galatians 3:24 that the Law was a tutor/schoolmaster to bring us to Christ by Faith and this does not mean that we are to observe the Law that we may come to Christ, for if the Apostles in Acts 15:10 already agreed that gentiles cannot be burdened by the law and if in Colossians Paul says the law was a shadow then the law being a tutor in points not to the demand for observance of it by us but rather it simply means that the law was a pointer to Christ for the things therein reveal and teach us about the ministry and person of Christ.

In 2 Corinthians 3:6-9 Paul speaks of the law as the ministry of death and condemnation and tithe was part of this ministry. Tithe was mandatory, it was not optional. In Galatians 4 Paul speaks of the Sinai covenant in much the same way as Hagar. Hagar being a slave is spoken of in light of bondage just as the covenant at Mt Sinai.

The question is why would Paul say this? He says this because Ishmael the son of Hagar was as a result of the flesh and not of the promise. The promise thereby belonged not to the child of the flesh but to the child of promise, the child of the free woman Sarah.
And just as The son of the bond maid mocked the son of the promise [Genesis 21:9, Galatians 4;29] so do those who are under the law persecute those under grace. Galatians 4:29 is a firm rebuke to men like Mr. Adeboye who continue to burden believers with demands that they must observe the law.
And to show that the law is cast out, Paul in Galatians 4: 30 shows us how the son of the flesh and his mother [ the law ] where cast out and he concludes in verse 30 by showing the Galatians that believers are not children of the bondwoman [ children of the law ] but rather the children of the free woman [ children of grace ]
In conclusion the believer is saved only by the Sovereign and Free Grace of God through God given Faith in Christ Alone. God justifies the sinner on account of what Christ completely accomplished and not on how much tithe they give. Mr. Adeboye must repent from his ways.


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Of grass eating congregants, spiritual ipads and anti demon insecticide

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December 3, 2016 · 6:34 pm

The False Gospel of good works

A gospel of good works is false.It is based on the assumption that your good works, actions, intentions  and innovation no matter how unscriptural, with a little “faith” can cause God to save you or to submit to your wishes howmuchever foolish. The false gospel of works is so prevalent and is the sure cause of all grass eating and insecticide use foolishness, It is also enriching many a false prophet.

The gospel of works runs contrary to the true gospel of grace. Jesus accomplished the work of salvation, you do not need a doom spraying prophet or a pope claiming he can forgive sin to dupe you. Our works and methods in whatsoever form will not make us any holier than the filthiest sinner.

This gospel of grace isnt for the mammon hunters either, because Jesus didnt die so you could accumulate more cash. The world has plenty people who are filthy rich yet they do not believe in Jesus, Go and join them if you need cash better than you need Christ, because the sacrifice Christ made wont offer you both mammon and ertenal life. Well salvation is salvation from the sin and its consequence which is ertenal death. He came to save those called by the Father from sin and He accomplished His mission so so well that you dont have to do anything to help. You neither need doom, grass, annointed objects nor a “priest” to declare you holy. Christ is enough!

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The gospel isnt for sale

By James Guyo

Lord have mercy to this wicked generation for we have transgressed and made common the blood of the Son of God to reduce Him to all the nonsense that is called church in most places these days.

Sinners are getting bored of the gospel of God’s sovereign and free grace because they have not understood the true nature of their condition.

Sinners have not understood that it is terrible to meet with His Majesty without Christ in your hands.

Sinners have not understood that the gospel is not about physical prosperity. If you played with school the gospel can not help you.

Do not reduce the gospel to meat, fish and loaves.

IT is a spiritual enterprise my friends. Listen to Him who understood it, “”For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” The exchange is spiritual friends.

You are going to need to make a spiritual exchange and for that the world is not enough to give you.

Repent and believe in the true Gospel of God’s sovereign grace in Jesus Christ. Amen!

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