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Was “Yahweh” a Canaanite god?

UNBELIEVER “Yahweh” was a Canaanite god, the Jewish god is one from the Canaanite Pantheon

MBOFANA Who is the Jewish God and what does He look like, because apparently if the unbeliever cannot exactly explain the God he is talking about then he has no right to demand for your response, because you worship a Triune God whose attributes He must clearly explain, However since His idea pertaining “God” is prior to his question, I have every right to demand that He explains how he knew this word.



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Should believers argue in defense of the faith?

Here is a short article explaining why its proper for believers to argue and debate in defence of the faith, an expanded version of this very article complete with scriptural references and references to the works of other apologists will be made available soon.

There are those who claim that Christians are to desist from debate and arguments about and for the faith claiming that engaging in debates and arguments for the faith is unbiblical.

Seems they forget that preaching itself is a form of argumentation because when one preaches faithfully they are arguing for the truth of the bible and necessarily against all knowledge that contradicts the bible. The Apostle Peter commands us in 1 Peter 3:15 to always have a reason for the hope that we have, and He explains that we should do this gently.

Therefore since our Hope is Jesus Christ we ought to lay out a defence for this hope from one source, the bible since all of the bible points to Christ.

Of course as Christians we do not resort to violence because the bible tells us that we battle not against the flesh and blood but against principalities powers and knowledge that exalts itself against Christ. We also do not resort to violence because the bible tells us to always have an answer for the hope that we have, and the answers being spoken of here are not swords and guns but rather answers from the one and only source of doctrine which is the bible Some of course think that the battle against principalities means that they should cast demons with the sheer power of their voices in Jesus name yet despite the widespread belief that this is what warfare means its nevertheless and a false belief for that matter.

Many who practice this casting and chasing throw their arms and fists up as they shout as if demons can be threatened and defeated by mere shouting. Fact of the matter our battle is a battle of the mind a battle for a renewed mind. That means our battles are intellectual not physical in that all knowledge must either be of Christ or be dismissed as false.

Since all that the bible points us to is Christ, we battle against all knowledge that is in disagreement with scripture, and what is our weapon, The very bible is our weapon, also referred to as the sword of the Spirit.

So for those who claim that arguments for the faith and amongst believers are sinful and to be avoided, its clear that they have no idea of what they are talking about since indeed believers wage war but its not a war with guns and rockets but with their intellects immersed in the word, the word which is the sword of the Spirit.

So they wage this war against falsehoods that contradict Christ!

Secondly since Paul says All scripture is inspired and therefore beneficial for correction and doctrine then our arguments for the faith pointed at correcting misconceptions about the faith must be coming from scripture.

However when dealing with unbelievers the approach of the bible is this, the bible calls all unbelievers fools since they deny the existence of God and moreover commands us that when dealing with fools we ought not to answer the fool according to His foolishness but we ought to show the fool that His question is mistaken for example UNBELIEVER: You say God exists, I cant touch, nor feel, nor hear.. Him so He doesn’t exist BELIEVER : Oh that which your senses cant recognise does not exist?

That means your great grand father that you never physically saw doesn’t exist since you have never seen Him nor sensed Him in any way, that also means dreams and thoughts do not exist since you can neither hear, touch, see them e.t.c The unbeliever might just say that He saw a picture of his grandfather but the picture is merely an image not the actual person, or he might say he saw the Grandfathers grave, but again the grave is but a grave not grandfather, and he would have to prove to us how his senses could actually prove that this is the grave of grandfather who once existed.

Now notice that instead of rushing to tell the unbeliever that that the bible says that God is Spirit and therefore He cannot be sensed by the five senses, I have proven to Him that Questioning God’s existence on his part is useless since it only considers existence on basis of senses yet there are so many things the unbeliever himself may believe to be in existence or to have either existed even though none of His senses can never show him that these things actually exist or ever existed.

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Did Apostle Paul write against women?

Here is an article where I deal with the ignorant atheists, #feminists and liberals who question and condemn the writings of #ApostlePaul claiming that He was against women. Sometimes believers do not know how to react to this foolish charge, so here is an article that lays to rest the foolish claim that Paul was against women, Go through and share it with others.

Was Paul Against women?

This falsehood that Paul was against women is commonly brought forth by Atheists, feminists and sometimes liberal Christians, who use their foolish ways of thought to understand the Holy Scriptures!

The accusation that Paul was anti women must not surprise us that much, Peter reminds us that unstable people twist the scriptures and the difficult things that Paul writes unto their own destruction just like those who twist scripture and utter blasphemy by claiming that the revelation of Jesus Christ unto Paul was partially against women thus with error

as he does in all his letters when he speaks in them of these matters. There are some things in them that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures. 2 PETER 3:16

Atheists, feminists and some liberal theologians claim that Paul said many things that where degrading to women and thus was anti women. Below is one such passage, 1 Timothy 2:13-15, cited as proof that Paul was against women.

For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. 1 Timothy 2:13-15

The immidiate question that comes to mind is by what standard does one claim that the above passage shows Paul to be anti women. The feminist cannot by any means claim that the bible is antiwomen, moreso Paul.

Here is why feminists and liberals who claim to be believers are so mistaken. If indeed they believe God is sovereign and is Creator, then they must know and affirm that God created men and women and of course being the creator God decides what he wants both men and women to do, and so if God spoke through Paul that exactly what God intended , case closed!

Secondly for those who assume that God is non existent, we ask, on what basis will they dare accuse Apostle Paul of being against women. What basis do they have for an objective standard of right or wrong that can be used to prove that Paul was against women. If they dont beleive God created everything including the standard of what is good or bad, then they will claim that humanity was brought about by evolution as it began to exist out of mere dust, eventually evolving from lower forms until such a time after billions of years humans eventually began to exist the way we know them.

Unbelievers have no basis for morality

Those who support this false theory of evolution claim that all species that have survived this far managed to tussle it out against other species for survival. Evolution doesnt presuppose the existence of a moral code, because placing restrictions and rules on action would actually limit the chances of survival of a particular species.

With evolution survival of the fittest is the rule, This implies that maiming, harrasing, exploiting and killing women or men is perfectly fine since this is how one can perpetuate His or Her survival into the future.

Evolution does not suppose a moral code thus the atheist cannot claim and has no right to claim that women have any right to be treated in any specific way, since he has no basis for morals. If humans just started to exist by accident and where not purposefull made, if they is no after life whats the motivation for treating others well. The only proper thing is to survive at all costs, for its the survival of the fittest that is the rule

Secondly the atheist claims the bible is false so if its false then He cant claim that indeed what Paul wrote is actually true, and it just could be Paul actually never existed thus the atheist once again cannot attack Paul or that which is alluded to Him, since its false, case closed!

As a believer I dont have to apologise for the things that are written in scripture, for the simple reason that God’s wisdom is better that man’s wisdom and thus what Paul wrote is the wisdom of God that is greater than that which the feminist, liberal of atheist says of the very things that Paul wrote.

Now we return to our text that some claim proves Paul was against women.
Paul says in 1 Timothy 2:14, that Eve was deceived and not Adam, By these very words some claim Paul was biased against Eve and thus proof He was against women, since Adam just as much sinned, but was not spoken of as a transgressor in this particular passage.

The truth of the matter is that indeed Eve was deceived by the serpent and not Adam, unfortunately this explanation is not complete without understanding the context, The context is as follows Paul was adressing an issue by which women where purveying a falsehood that woman was created before man. Also this doesnt mean that just because Eve transgressed, Adam was thus exonerated from sin, since elsewhere Paul does explain and mention the fact that Adam too also sinned.


Once one claims that Paul was anti women, then one will soon accuse Christ and God and the Father of the same, because the most excellent and sacred revelation of Jesus Christ as authored by Paul was not His own invention but proceeded from the Divine

Lets look at these specific examples from the Old testament and New Testament where women where exluded. God commanded that only the Levites and the male Levites could be priests, will you say the Almighty was biased?

Only male sheep where to be sacrificed, as God commanded, was that bias, no it wasnt because God is perfect, he is sovereign and does what He wants when he wants!

In the New testament Christ called 12 disciples all who where male, is that bias, will one claim that the Holy son of God is biased

Paul writes to Timothy

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, – 2 Timothy 3:16

And of course The very things Paul wrote are scripture, and in themself part of the rule of the faith

Some claim that Paul is subject to reproof as he speaks of it in the passage above and thus especially regards to what he says about women. The question is, if what Paul says is considerd to be scripture how then should it be subjected to correction, and by what standard is that which Paul speaks subject to correction?

Its scripture that corrects us and everything outside it. Its not any part of scripture that must be corrected, Thus what paul speaks of women cannot be corrected.

What Paul speaks is infallible, its scripture therefore what Paul says is not to be seen His own utterance but the inspired word of God communicated unto us Whatever Paul wrote as we find in scripture is inspired! If its in scripture then its cannot be corrected Paul was writing under the inspiration of Holy Spirit, Paul was not writing His own doctrine, he was expounding the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed to Him by the Holy Spirit.

So how could the Holy Spirit make errors? The Holy Spirit shares the attributes with other members of the Trinity since he is God by virtue of the fact that He is part of the Trinity the Holy Spirit is perfect and thus cannot make mistakes, none of the things that Paul received from the Holy Spirit where mistaken.

Therefore since Paul received perfect revelation, Paul made no errors.

Thus Paul’s commands pertaining women are just as inspired as everything He writes. Since the revelation to Paul is a total unit one cannot decide what He wants out of what Paul while rejecting what He doesnt like.

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