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The Unpopular Truth

Many of you though professing Salvation by Grace alone through Faith in Christ alone, nevertheless contradict yourselves immediately by conditioning salvation on some other work of the law, baptism or some other thing as a being necessary for salvation.

In a lot of churches that many of you attend, your so called “papa” easily takes your hard earned cash in exchange for dead idols such as calendars, ‘anointing’ water, oil, bangles, necklaces, because some of you have been bewitched to think that to purchase church merchandise will earn you points on some heavenly scoresheet! Some of you think that these objects that “papa” peddles are either the total or partial cause of salvation.

Some of your so called “apostles” and “prophets” claim that they posses the ability to engage God on your behalf to such an extent that their ability to engage can affect for better or for worse your well being here on earth and your eternal destiny.

Even though these men do not have this ability, some of you have become slaves to these men because they have instilled fear in you.

You fear to leave such a “church” because you believe that the “church” has been a source of protection from witchcraft and thus you believe that something might befall you if you leave that church.

You fail to realise you have lost time with your family, money and joy to these the false claims that your so called church peddles.

You live in bondage by way the of Mosaic Law selectively applied, through threats of curses if you don’t tithe, through useless church programmes and by threats of curses just in case you fail to give enough money for that building project or for the pastor’s welfare or for that so called love offering…

2. And yet this is what we are against, because essentially you are being kept in bondage to a “church” by way of a false gospel that elevates man to a pedestal. Even though you may deny this, you are essentially worshiping an idol! A gospel that keeps you in bondage to a mere sinner is no gospel at all!

So then if you are saved by grace this cannot be the same as “Apostle” and His crew of self righteous henchman prescribing certain deeds to cause your salvation. In other words your church founder is a charlatan!

And so here is what it means to be saved by Grace…

• The truth is that God before the foundations of the world by His Sovereign decision without looking at future works decided to save some unto eternal life. This is seldom ever spoken of in the church because this is such a difficult message to accept unless God teaches you His gospel just as it laid in the scriptures as explained below

In Ephesians 1:5-11 It is clear that God indeed carried out this act of determining the eternal destinies of His People. The question is why would He do this? God did what He did all because of His Glory. God saves those he wants to save for His Glory!

One other passage that also helps explain The Sovereignty of God in Salvation is Romans 9:11-16 where Paul clearly shows us that before Esau and Jacob where born before the two had ever done anything, God already chose Jacob over Esau.

Apostle Paul goes ahead and explains the fact that it is not him that runs who shall obtain mercy, rather mercy is given to He who God decides to show it to. Of course yet again in the same passage the Apostle shows us that there was nothing unrighteous about God in doing what He did!

indeed there is nothing amiss about God saving some and rejecting some, because the scriptures teach this doctrine very plainly.

3. So then we must condition salvation on the Free and Sovereign Grace of God in Christ Alone, and why Christ alone?*

The answer though simple is ignored! The answer is that Christ Alone was uniquely qualified to take up the role that nobody could have ever taken.

•Christ to the exclusion of anybody and anything else both mediator and sacrifice of the elect in other words Christ died and thus paid fully for the sins of the elect. Because Christ was fully perfect He was the perfect sacrifice and mediator God found acceptable.

No other person was ever found to be suitable to take up this role, because on account of Adam we are all sinners and God could never have taken a sinner as an acceptable sacrifice, since all that God demands is a perfect sacrifice.

•Christ took our guilt fully and having taken it up, God gives us the righteousness of Christ we are declared as righteous on account of God given faith in the finished work of Christ, yet even the Faith is God given.

4. Despite this truth many churches are conditioning the forgiveness of sins upon the works of the law and this is in spite of what the bible says in Colossians 2:17 and Hebrews 10:1, both passages which point out the fact that the Law was but a shadow of the real substance which is Christ.


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Va Chiwenga and Va Makandiwa, Two self righteous men propagating a false gospel

Here are the words of Va Makandiwa on how He has earned his own Salvation by his own works
“If you get to heaven and you do not find me there, you have gone to hell, that is not heaven because everything that should be done for a man to secure His life in eternity, i have done it”

you can find the video here

Here are Va Chiwenga’s own words on how Baptism is a condition for salvation
“If you refuse to get baptised you will burn in hell as for me i will continue to preach to you as I am because even if I seek to get baptised, who shall baptise me? Who do you think qualifies to preach to me and to baptise me”

Both men are arrogantly intoxicated with their ability and fame. Their statements prove that they do not need Christ anymore. They now believe they can save themselves. To them Christ alone is irrelevant. So Va Chiwenga admits No one can preach to Him or even baptise Him. As for Va Makandiwa He has just completed the heaven application form and successfully he has been granted entry on account: not of Christ but on account of what he, [Va Makandiwa] has done. This is blatant, Pharisaic level self righteousness and self importance of devilish proportions.

I am about to rest my case but before i do, here is the Gospel, and this gospel in contrast with Va Makandiwa’s foolish claims and Va Chiwenga’s bizarre salvation by water dipping.

Salvation is by Grace through Faith in Christ alone, That is God Himself before the foundations of the world chose His own children not on basis of their foreseen works but He chose them on basis of His own wise and secret counsel. Having chosen them, He also determined their fall in Adam, yes, He did! But He did it all for His Glory and thus saved them in Christ who thus died for their sins and stood on their behalf in the presence of the Father.

Those chosen of the Father are born not of their will but of the Holy Spirits unto repentance and belief in the finished work of the Saviour. On account of this faith God justifies these children as righteous not by their works but on account of the righteousness of Jesus Christ!

This is the gospel: justified by Faith, Saved by Grace in Christ Alone. Therefore when Va Makandiwa says He has done everything to secure eternity and happens to be so sure that if you don’t find him in heaven it’s you who could might have missed heaven, you must be sure He is not talking from what God has spoken in the inspired scriptures but speaks of some other heaven other than the heaven that the bible speaks of.

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Mvumo tinayo yekufumura dzidziso dzenhemha

Kufumura chiporofita uye dzidziso dzenhema, haisi mhosva. Rega nditaure ndichiti kufumurwa kwevaporofita venhema kunorwadza bedzi avo vanotevera vaporofita venhema. Haunga paridzi chokwadi chakazara usingapi yambiro kuvatereri pamusoro pema kava.
Va Kristu vose vakadanwa kwaari vanofanirwa kuziva zvose. Let me state it very clearly kuti Va Makandiwa na VaMagaya hapana shoko ravanoparidza, Bhaibheri mumavhesi aro ose rinotaurauye rakananga pana Kristu [ Johane 5:39, Ruka 24:27. Ukaona muparidzi achingizotorawo Kristu omukanda mumharidzo sechidhindo, ziva kuti wasangana nemuparidzi we fake. Dhavidha, Abhurahama, Boaz, Noah, Melchizedek, Elijah, Elisha, Sameri, Samson, Jonah vose vainongedza kuna Kristo, Chiporofita chose cha Testamente yakare chainongedzera kuna Kristo, Mutemo wa Moses wakazadziswa muna Kristo uye wainongedzera kuna Kristo, Zvibairo, Hupirisita hwechi Revi hwainingedzera kuna Kristo
Saka ukanzwa muparidzi oparidza kuti.bhaibheri rine.zvimwe zvarinotaura zvisiri zva Kristu arikureva nhema uye akafanira kuti afumurwe.
Pauro chaiye unotiudza muna 1 Timotio 6:5» kuti tingwarire avo vanoti vhangeri ndeyekutsvaga nayo mari, Uye Jesu chaiye unotiudza kuti vana kristu venhema vachava pakati pedu. Izwi rekuti “Kristu” rinoreva kuti uyo akazodzwa, Zvino ukaona vaporofita nevadzidzisi venhema vanozviti vazodziwa vanozodza zvibhotoro zve zvemafuta, ziva kuti paita mbavha ipapo nokuti kune munhu umwe chete wakazodzwa, uye akazodzerwa basa guru kusvika pakufa chaiko, Ndi Jeso chete, kwete Makandiwa, kana Magaya.

 Ko saka tingavaziva seiko vese ava kana tisinga wongorori vanoita zvisizvo nekuvafumura. Basa remufundisi ose ndereku dzidzisa makwai aShe nokua dzivirira kuti angwarire mbavha namakava akaita savana Va Magaya na Va Makandiwa, avo vanotsvaka kuzvipfumisa.

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Behold the wolves!

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The Herald Zimbabwe reports that the tax man may start to collect taxes from Churches by November 2015.

Apparently Pasi(The ZIMRA CG) says He doesn’t care how Churches make their money because, Pasi like a lot of my fellow Patriots know that Zimbabwean mega churches are operating in full throttle.

I would never totally support the idea, I feel this is happening because many “churches” have displayed uninterrupted indulgence in creating and promoting a dollar driven and dollar centred religion instead of building Christ following and gospel centred churches. ZIMRA feels therefore its justified to get the money where ever it can find it.

The governing authorities have long viewed prosperity driven religious organisations as a sector that can actually contribute to national coffers. I remember, Walter Mzembi( Tourism Minister) saying once in 2013 that Zimbabwe could tap income from religious tourism, that was around that time of the famed judgement night by Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Then there was miracle money craze, How else could a Commissioner General of Tax Authority understand this more so when a government badly needs money, to him the prosperity driven religious organisations are making money. They no longer deserve to be treated as charitable organisations rather He sees these organisations in the same way He sees any profit making ZSE listed company hence His insistence on taxing “churches”.


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